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Hello everyone i'm new here and i want some friends if you wanna be my friend ^-^' im not forcing u too but it would be nice to have some new ones!
Miyu! Yeah, I just finished emialing you. How interesting. And I love Gaara too! Well, I'll be waiting for you to post something.
yay I like friends ^ ^. Woot Gaara totaly rox ,but Shikamru rox them right off !
Yeah, Shikamaru is AWESOME!!! LOL. :)

ANYway... my name is ChuChu101 and I'm new here to this site and I'm just introducing myself here because I feel like it and confuzzled, you already know me. So, yeah... :)
Of course I know you ^ ^ ! Yes shika rox ! I sleep with him everynight ( I ahve a pillow with him on it )
i feel like everyone knows everyone else already... Aw! Narutofan, that was positively ADORABLE! huggles