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Hi, everyone!
I was surfing the net for any new fics on my fave J-rock band Glay when I came across FicWad. I felt so happy when I found out I can again have a venue for my fics. I used to have my fics up on FanFiction.net but when they reformatted and I do not know where I can have my works be hosted online again, I totally stopped writing. I had lost the motiviation to write. Friends who have met me because of my works noticed that, too.

With FicWad, I regained my inspiration to write. I hope to upload my previous works here, and add some more. Thank you very much, FicWad.

Shiira Megumi

I like it here loads. I hope you have a good time.
hey Shiira Megumi, would you PM me wen you get ur fics up?? that way ill be sure to check out ur stuff!
peace and love,
Nice to hear that you are back writing again!