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Ahoy there maties
Okay I'm a pirate [okay more like I think I am a pirate]. My name is Amanda and I'm pretty darn sweet. I love roleplaying and I hope to write some fanfic soon. My best friend April told me about this place and I hope that everyones friendly and such. =] rock on.
hey guys i'm april amanda's friend and so far i'm loving some of the stories on this site.
hey wat fandom are you guys a part of?
fandom? what do you mean by fandom?
like, what book/movie/watever do you fic for? like, I fic in the Harry Potter and Zelda fandoms. See?
oops, ok sometimes i can be stupid...lol.

i like fic in the harry potter/star wars/fall out boy fandoms. sometimes in my head at school then write them down. ^_^"
well me and april usually do our own thing and include randomness like Fall Out Boy or Wayne's World sometimes. I enjoy Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.

yay! more Hp! lol, srry. it just seems like practically EVERYone on ficwad is a Manga/Anime ficcer or something. But it IS nice to get away from SO MUCH hp sometimes, you know? imean, there are SO many hp ff sites out there... its insane. Well, can't wait to read your stuff!!
Much love,
well whenever i finally get the chance to type some of my stuff up i'll let you know.
kk, thx :)