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Greetings and Salutations!!!
Hi everybody! I'm Lucy. I found this site a while ago and started posting my stories, but it only just occured to me to visit the forums and I thought I'd introduce myself! I am a 14 year old Australian girl with a passion for writing. At school, I am a relatively normal teenage girl. At home I morph into a computer nerd who spends every spare moment glued to fanfiction sites. I am primarily a fan of Tolkien and J.K.Rowling, though I may venture into other fandoms if the fance takes me. I am in love with band Evanescence, and Amy Lee is my idol.

So, I look forward to meeting you all. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I don't bite!
Sweet! Another Australian chick! lol, sorry... It's just, I've been to Australia twice before and both times I absolutely loved it! Anyway, HI! I'm Saffron! I'm also 14, but I'm from California in the States. I'm a completely obsessed Harry Potter fan girl, yet I somehow manage to have a life as well... Dunno how that works haha! I'm not new to FicWad (or ficcing in general ^_~) either and I spend practically ALL my computer time on ff sites XP Lame? I think not! Or maybe it is... But I'm proud to be overly-obsessed! :D
If you're a LotR and HP ficcer, then I totally can't wait to read your stuff!! I'm excited! :D
Much love!
Hi Saffron!! No, it isn't lame at all! I'm exactly the same, I spend almost every spare moment on fanfiction sites! I'm planning to post most of my stories here soon. I'll check out some of your stories, I looked at your profile and they look really good! Well see you round...
heya i'm new maself! I like HP 2 and Evanescence (Amy lee is ace isn't she?) I spend LOADS of time looking at fanfics and i thought it would be cool to write my own. (most likey so people can have a good laugh at my feeble attempt but oh well)