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Death to my lover [poem] (my best here)
Death to my lover

May is the coldest month,
when flowers grow,
yet memories die.
Here are the roots,
the story of love
that dies with the heart.
Winter comes, the growth of the beginning
Summer comes with nothing but pracheam.
And the rain comes to drench the ahava.
The Sunlight comes and burns the gan.
The last hour left with silence.
Yesh li hammon ohev bisivel lakh.
He came to the mountain of hope and despair.
I was scared of the mysterious air,
but he let me go...
for the first time I knew how to feel free
in the mysterious air.

What comes in this story is nothing but-
If You don't know this,then you should go away from here,to find the answer of the truth.Yesh li shaila bishieval ha ohev, aht ya dat mackarach bi shevel li?"You know the answer
lies within this garden."
I looked within the flowers,
knowing the truth and the lie.
The silence brings around
not even a simple answer.

now go review my work
here's one i wrote in response.

Darkness My Eternal Friend

I hate the cell I’ve been placed in,
It makes me break from deep within.
I try to break free,
But my vision only reaches the veiling tree.
Light has captured me within his caring arms,
Telling me, he won’t let me come to harm.
I know he is implying you,
And the seduction that you do.
But he doesn’t understand,
That I enjoy it first hand.
I want you to rescue me,
From the light who has encaged me.
He tells me not to worry,
For he sends me back to that cursed tomb.
But now you are my home,
And not that bondage dome.
I try to claw my way out,
And scream and shout.
I cry so many jaded tears,
Hoping that you’ll be there to hear.
Light pities my despair,
And says that my melancholy is his to share.
I fall into the void of my mind,
Hoping you’ll be there for me to find...
I wake up in your arms,
And see, you, darkness from afar, you kiss me gently and say.
I’m your eternal friend,
I dare not leave you again.

Darkness my eternal friend,
Please do not leave me alone again.
Lock your lips into mine,
Embrace me and call me divine.
Light tortures me with his cursed rhyme,
But at least you do not let me fall into the sands of time.
So please be by my side always,
As you always make me feel angelic and entwined,
Sexy is the more appropriate word,
Just like you, I have also become seductive.
No longer the innocent schoolgirl,
Who lingers for your touch.
I found beauty within myself,
My heart is an inferno of blazing passion.
The fire burns from your dark flame,
Which seems to replicate the black rose you are.
I want to tell you to take me now,
And let us leave together to our own little world.
You smile your ravishing smile,
If my heart has already told you, my secret desires.
But you wear your cape of abyss,
And walk away to your pool of black.
I call after you, my passionate love,
Yet you tell me you will return for me.
So, Darkness my eternal friend,
Do Not Dare leave me alone again.