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Rate That Fic
Idea shamlessly ganked from the Mediaminer.org thread Pic-a-Fic. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Basically, the next person takes a mozy through my works, reads one and rates it. Then he or she leaves a little something here to explain why the rating was called for (if asked for, a review is left at the story as well). The next person repeats the process
I gave Consequence an 'Ambience' rating. I was originally not going to do anything of yourse, because there wasn't really anything that struck me strongly, but the last part of that one was rally good. I'm not sure what exactly was so much better about it, but it had a great atmospheric feel and was a lot sronger than the rest of your stuff.
You don't necessarily have to leave a good rating Just add some constructive criticism if you leave a bad one. Actually, concrit is preferable in any case.

(Whoever goes next reads something of PikaBot's, if there was any confusion)
I gave 'Friends' a 'Moving' rating. That slice of time showed wonderful pathos, a glimpse of a battered mind that really resonated. I felt sorry for this castaway, whoever he is, and wanted to learn more about his life on that island.
The topic seemed like a good idea at the time...

Anyway, I gave Hunger a rating of "insightful." I can't say I'm big on the series, and I actually had to check Wikipedia before I realized who I was reading about, but the story was well done. The writing was smooth and the introspect came across beautifully
I gave "Without A Net" a rating of insightful. I know nothing of the series, but I got a good indication of who these people were and what they were like by their actions, reactions, and dialogue. You even made me care about the butterfly!
I read "A Possom Tale". I gave it a rating of "exciting" because, living on a farm I can appreciate stories like this.

The story is well written and has dialogue even. I could just see your husband's frustration. :D Sounds like my SO.

And, you have inspired me to consider writing a true horror story "Attack of the Crayfish". It is sordid and terrifying. Okay, maybe not, but it was a bit scary.

I read "The Dare" also. I did not leave a rating for this because I did not find one that suited. It was really not remarkable, in my opinion, but neither was it bad. It just was. I think that more info on the character would help. And, a bit more heads up on his "abilities". It was just kind of sudden, which is not bad, but there was little follow-up to it. And, the ending could be a bit clearer.

I liked it, I would just like more of it.