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character introduction
I just can not figure out how to introduce characters, esp. original ones!
When I have an original character, I generally just jump right in. For example, let's use Generic Female Character:

"What's up?" A tall girl with blonde hair and shockingly blue eyes walked up to the group of Male Canon Characters. She smiled. "I'm Generic Female Character."

Depending on the story, these types don't work well, such as introspective ones. I'm currently working on one of these. I like using diary entries for these types. Otherwise you can introduce them and their agenda, for example, Generic Emo Male Character:

The brooding boy's chocolate brown eyes gazed upon his enemy, Canon Character. Though Canon Character didn't know it yet, Generic Emo Male Character was watching, and would approach him soon.

Generic Emo Male Character ran a hand through his jet black hair... Etc.

Or you could start in medias res with Damsel in Distress:

The girl with dark red hair dove into a corner, her green eyes wide with fear. They were getting closer. And there was nothing she could do to stop it. Her name was Damsel in Distress, and she was scared.

Hope some of these suggestions help!
Whatever you do, do not introduce them by describing their physical appearance, their personality, their past life, and all that in a huge paragraph.
Hey, how's about you let your character introduce himself? It's how I managed to form up am OC character from another site (which I will not disclose...). Here's an excerpt as an example:

"One could call me a maniac… a raving lunatic, simply ranting on and on about my insecurities… who simply wants to argue… and rave on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on… and on and on… and on… and on… and… on… of course, I will just rip their guts out and feed it to them… I will lift a car and throw it across an ocean… and then swim across it in order to drown the one driving it… I will throw someone far away… and then run to where they’re supposed to land, like a football catcher, and snap their neck… I am THE Alpha… and THE Omega. I am one who will not bow down to anyone… I am one who will perceive, promote prophesize and bring this place’s end… no matter what

“And no one can stop me… not even you".

What does THAT tell you about the character?!
It tells you that the character has narcissistic personality
It also tells you that the person writing him can't write.
serious stare... snort laughs Ah, well, everyone has a bad streak once in a while, PikaBot. I actually had a much better introduction... but my mother deleted it because the original title of the story was "The Message Of The Dead" and she "didn't like that".

Also, locust, the character isn't narcissistic; he can actually do all that. His name is Edgar, and he's actually an alien that is researching Earth in disguise... and absolutely dislikes it.

Oh, and PikaBot, if you're going to be negative and a bad source of reception, go away.

Anyway, God bless your souls,

P.S: locust, thanks for that tip... that's a good flaw right there.
Sorry, I have to agree with both on this one. It sounds like someone telling me how much better they are than am I. If they are truly that remarkable, then they would not seem so to themselves. And, there is a big difference in introducing a character in a first person story and a third person story. In the latter, you do not have the luxury of listing all your amazing attributes.

I introduced an OC into a story by just putting her there, bare bones on her background. I am slowly leaking information about her, letting the canon characters discover things for the reader. Thirty chapters later, they are still discovering things about the character. If you dole out just enough to satisfy the reader, it is much better than hitting them over the head with details.

As for your bad streak, I read what you have posted here. Perhaps I could suggest a beta. Since your mom is concerned about content, maybe she could do it. I read two paragraphs and that was about all I could do. Before chewing on PikaBot, and boasting about knowing what illiterate means, you should study up on grammar a bit. I truly have to wonder about your age. I do not need to respect you as an author. That alone tells me you are too young for most of the serious sites. You earn respect, and that by listening when more experienced people give you advice.

Truth to tell, you sound too much like another poster that was wandering around the forum several months ago. Did you change your name?
A 'bad source of reception'? I'm not a television station, pal.
Well, Rous, I was aiming on making Edgar a bad source of information about himself. You know, he might lie about some things, or might only provide his opinion about somethings, which would make people kind of not undestand him completely.

As for the whole beta thing, very few in my family (much less my mom) takes me seriously about my writing, and even less my classmates... everyone does the same thing everytime I give them something: they read the first paragraph, chuckle and then look at me weird... it's kinda disturbing, brother.

As for chewing on PikaBot... sure, he's/she's gotta lot of stories, and he/she probably writes better than me, but he chewed at me first. If you want respect, you have to give it first, Pika.

Oh, and Pika, by "bad reception" I mean constructive criticism. Instead of simply saying I can't write, you could have given me some advice, but did you? I don't think so, because it's not helping me except the fact I know I need to improve.

Anyway, sorry about all the chewing

God bless your souls,
Gabi Texi

P.S: Rous, "St.Gabriel" is my other alias on fanfiction.net, and my preferred one. Sorry about that mix up, pa!

P.S.S: Pika, for the record, are you a dude or a chick?