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laughs at Gabi I did not try an original until about 144,000 words into a fanfic. I did not think I could do it. Now, I have three on the burner and just switch off when the muses go on a drunken binge to Mexico. It helps to have a back up plan. :D
Ok... so... how about... a... very... VIOLENT fanfic? I have the perfect plot carved out for an OC's introduction. I'm planning on making it an Inuyasha fanfic. Whatcha think?
I do not read animé; I can barely watch it on a movie. Although, I did think Final Fantasy was good (the first one, not the second; it was just boring). I just do not understand adults writing about cartoons. I know, the same can be said for other genres. I just stick to what passes for real life. (Seriously, a fanfic about Sonic the Hedgehog?)
I fail to see what the problem with writing fanfic for cartoons is. A well-done cartoon will have appeal far beyond it's intended audience, and is restricted only in the sort of content the show can contain(and most competant creators can work around that as well).
Just not my cup of tea. :P I am sure there is good fanfic about animé, I am just not inclined to read it. I have heard that Shakespeare wrote a couple of good ditties. Again, the style does not induce me to read. I had enough of it in high school. It is simply a matter of taste.
Anyone can write whatever they want to as long as they make it work. Sometimes the spinoff is much better than the original, and I say more power to them. As for anime, I write for one myself (Gravitation), but I've never actually watched the anime all the way through. I've seen one episode and didn't like it. The manga Gravitation is based on is a full quantum level better than the anime adaptation, but most fans, unfortunately, only know it from the weaker, secondary source.

Quite a lot of Japanese animes were mangas first, and I suspect of better quality in their original incarnations.
It's ok, Rous. Well, I already have a title for it: "Staring Through The Eyes of the Dead".
By the way, Rous, when you were in high school, what anime did you watch?
when writing fanfictions, it should be the language based from the main characters and its nationality. All anime where basically from japan, they were supposed to be speaking JP's and for us to understand in english language. It could be complex and difficult but I've already in that style LOL
there are many ways to "draw" out your character...fill out a "background" report on them for your eyes only of course...(name, married, children, eyes, hair, face, skin, etc...) add as many subject lines that you neeed. It hleps me...