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Pictures in Profiles
I've been coming across authors on this site who have pictures in their profiles. Not being computer savvy, I'm curious how they're managing it. Does anyone know?

I suppose the more intelligible term would be 'macros.'
This is how
you need a HTML just copy and paste it on your profile but make sure to put like 15 or 16 spaces between what you wnat written in your profile the picture should show up
If you don't know HTML, what you need to do is:
1. Put your image online somwehre like photobucket.com or flickr.com
2. Copy the location
3. Frame it in the pointy brackets over your period and comma keys, in quotations after the tag IMG SRC=.

(pointy bracket)img src="whereyourimageishosted.jpg"(pointy bracket)
Thanks for the info, though I admit it looks horribly advanced to me.