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How do you find Beta readers?
Hi! I'm new to this whole fan-fic thing and mapped out a nice little story. I edited the best I could and I posted it everywhere hoping to get some constructive criticism. So, I've noticed that people are reading, but no one is reviewing.

Anyway, back to my question. How do you find betas? Thanks!
>>People are reading, but no one is reviewing.

That happens a lot. You'll have to learn to live with it, I'm afraid. And cherish the reviews you do get :-)

As for finding betas, ask! Find communities/forums for your fandom, and ask if people would like to help you.

Before you do that, though, think about what you want the beta for. Do you only want someone who will squee at what you're writing; someone who'll help you with your plotting, characterisation, or canon; someone who'll check your spelling or grammar; or maybe all of the above? If you're clear about what you expect from a beta, you're less likely to be disappointed by what you'll get.

Good Luck!

Ditto on the reading and not commenting. It seems that the only ones who comment do not do so very often because they are busy writing. LOL
Most site that host fanfic, particularily only one fandom, will have a beta thread in the forums. You just need to check the forums. Good luck. I cannot seem to hang on to one. I have been through about four on the same story. Too busy, I guess.
You could always ask someone to beta read for you. I used to hang out online with this group and we'd trade stories back and forth. Nowadays, it takes them a while to beta read a story, but I still send it to them since their comments are very insightful.

So, yeah. Ask people if they have time to beta read.