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Well hey good luck to you at college! I understand that too not need to rush in getting back or anything either :) and did you happen to see the episode of where Esther and Ion are in the cell and it's Esther who has to kill Ion after he gets shot or else Ion will kill her, did you see that one? well get back to me when you can and no rush :)
That ep aired Saturday, I believe, the first weekend I was back. I'm a little confused about the whole Radu (SPACE CASES! sorry) thing, but I'm glad to see Asta again, and that scene in the cell was so touching. ;.;
OMG! I love Trinity Blood! Abel's so awesome! I haven't missed an episode yet!
yeah me either...gotta love it i am just upset that ion isn't really with them anymore
"While it is true that there is a certain measure of decorum that must be observed, pretending negative thoughts don't exist only invites less predictable cruelty, outbursts,a nd such later. There are times when the adage holds true... but with fictional series it's really important to sound off on them, even if you dislike things."

Ok, sound off, got it. Well, Trinity has it's pros and cons.

The pros I like are that Trinity Blood has a nice little piece of artwork in it. The character designs, structure, and background details are a bit exceptional.

The characters are memorable (e.g Abel mister white hair dude! He's funny, and he's got a nice personality, and then there's the little couple from the "Neverland" episode. That kid's determination and love for that crazy chick made me cry! sniff) too.

It's cons include an air of (and I probably sound crazy to everyone around) un-originality and of Mary-Sue-ness around it. Also, I personally think "vampires" are annoying...

Anyway, there's my voice,
God bless,
Gabi Texi

Then don't discuss the topic then...if you don't like vampires and think they are annoying then your opinion is not needed...

Thanks :)
Love it!
I love it! Its got a amazing plot, with loveable characters, and its touching at times and knows how to bring a tear to the eye.
i want to watch this trinity blood anime but i dont have time so is this anime worth to be watchen