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Number 1: From what I have read you seem like an extremly arogent person. You also don't seem to care about others. Have taken the time to review your stories and give an honest efforet to help you. Yet you still think that you're better than them.

That is what I don't get. You act like you're the best. But you're still down at the bottom of the rankings.

Number 2: I took the time to read through a few of your stories and let me tell you this before a publishing company does. Your writing is atrosish. I am not saying that you are a bad writer. I just think that you could put some more work into your writing, that's all.

Number 3: The reviews that everyone gave you were kind. Well to you they were awful, figures. But if I were reviewing you then I would have many more, mean statments to point out to you.

Number 4: How would I know? Well I love to write, and according to you, you love to write as well. But it looks to me like you spend mre of your time on the forums than actually taking the time to write a decent story.
You probobly are wondering who I am. Well I just moved to he United States of America 6 months ago. I moved from Ireland. I now that I still have much to learn about how the writing system in America works. But I am still a good writer. I practice at it everyday.

Number 5: Are you distracted? There is no reason for your writing to be so poorly written. Perhaps you have a boyfriend that is distracting you? Well if so, break up with him. You say that writing is your passion. But you don't act like it.

Number 6: If I had to guessyour age based on whta I have read, then I would guess 10. You don't act any older.

My regards, Maddie.

P.S. I apoligize for spelling errors. I haven't learnd how to spell all American words, yet. I shall read the dictionary more, perhaps. Thank you for any support toward future stories.
Maybe lil offtopic, but this topic has lost value anyway:

American is virtually same as english and nobody will get mean about if you write your stories in plain british. There is no need for accents and slang, only if you want to.

It seems that pinkfroggie writes her stories within 30 minutes and not even bothering to reread them before you post them. I will stop now, I have no need to say more. I just give you something that belongs to these forums, writing tips, from fanfiction.net. An author called Ozallos has written this, he s a genius :).

(Author: Ozallos)
1) Your summary fails. It really does. This is the hook, your foot in the door. Avoid asking your readers questions here and avoid references to other parts of said fic. "What if Ranma fell into the world of Mario and saved the princess?" HE'LL EXPLODE INTO GOOEY CHUNKS AND SHOWER THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM WITH CRIMSON RAIN, DROWNING TURTLES AND PLUMBERS ALIKE IN A LAKE OF MARTIAL ARTS CANAGE. Seriously, dont give your reader a chance to answer that question themselves. Next time you read a review that's formed into a question, please remember the above reply. Secondly, such reviews impart no useful information to your audience. Likewise, "Continuing from part five, review my ass please" is similarly annoying. Hey genius, I didn't read part one. What's that about again? Convince me I should take the time to read ch1 before even considering part five. Be creative, give them a little bite of what to expect. Most entertaining is "I'm bad at summaries." The amount of fail in that statement could light Crystal Tokyo for a couple hundred years and encourages nobody to read your fic.

2) Your Grammar/Spelling fails. This is a direct indication about how much you care about your fic, and therefore how much we as readers should care about the fic. Everytime you fail miserably at this, Chuck Norris kills a kitten. What's worse, you know you're failing and release the fic anyway. Don't cry when you get reamed by your reviewers. Why you aren't molesting the spell/grammar check function at a minimum is beyond me.

3) Your Plot Bludgeons fail. What is a plot bludgeon? You know, those pieces of information you impart on readers so obvious it hurts to read. An example of one I recently encountered-- Ukyo was really a flat chested man, unwraps himself to reveal that fact and say, "heheh, I can't believe I keep fooling them!" ...And i would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for those darn kids. Okay, so you want to get a point across to the reader. Great. But very rarily is there call to light your plot point up as a huge neon lit Las Vegas strip sign. Learn subtly. Weave it naturally into the story. Ranma is a genius! Great, but tell me a story about it, not as an outright fact. Exceptions do exist, though most don't apply to you anyway.

4) Your obscure plot fails. Big rule... The more obscure/complex your plot is, the more it needs built up through detail and story telling. Likewise, the more important an event is in that plot, the more attention you need to pay it. Glossing over critical event is not allowed. Zap! Ranma is a female permanently now and feels suicidal. Huh? What? Ranma got mad and killed his father for all the injustices visited upon him.Whoa there, Tex. Might want to tell us what triggered that ramapage or what led up to the critical events you insist only require one sentance explanations. If you have something wierd going on, your readers might like to know some basic information... Like who what why how where, some history, motivations, etc...

5) Your Dialogue fails. This mainly pertains to the structuring of said dialogue, not the content. The Pope will visit you tonight and rape your keyboard if you ever post a page full of dialogue without framing and context again. Don't assume your reader knows who's talking. Tell them who is talking. If you're feeling frisky, tell them how that character feels when they're talking. maybe the expressions on their face. What they're doing. Dialogue is like a picture... It needs a frame if you're going to hang it on the wall properly. Of course, you could just nail it up there, but that's why you fail.

6) Your Shallow characters fail. Believe it or not, not everybody has read your favorite series.I KNOW! It's tough to swallow, but its true. Take a moment to tell us a bit about their appearance. Detail their mannerisms though story telling. Sure, you can assume if they're reading in a certain section they probably have at least basic knowledge of the series, but frankly, that's a poor excuse not to imbelish your characters with detail and depth. Sure, everybody knows who Optimus Prime is (did I just use him as an example? Yeck), but your story will fail less if you paint him in color instead of black and white.

7) Your short chapters fail. Hardcore. Mainly, because they give you so little space to impart critical plot and/or knowledge to the reader, forcing you to condense a lot of information into a short blurp. This normally leads to failures 2-6. Similarly, you drag out scenes that really should be combined into one flowing work. For example, watching Ranma wallow in angst for several short chapters while not really taking the story anywhere is not fun. It's like watching an episode of DBZ once a week. It's excruciating.

8) Your derivative plot fails. Wheee! Ranma loses his memory after being locked as a female! Most readers are not opposed to this on average, but before you go thinking you're Stephen King, remember two things: Assume it's been done before and buy a six pack of originality down at the corner 7-11. Your story/chapter needs a hook, no matter how good it is. Just because it has been done doesn't mean you shouldn't try your hand at it, but do your research on the competition before you just dive right in.

9) Your reviewers fail. Actually, no they don't. They're entitled to their opinion. Don't get defensive and don't argue with them because you're inherently insecure about your work. Self confidence is required when facing your reviewers and actually debating their opinon on your work is bad taste. Honestly, why did you even bother posting in the first place? If you're writing for enjoyment, they shouldn't matter anyway. If you're writing to improve yourself, take notes. If you're writing for the warm fuzzy glow of praise, quit right now or stop failing so much. If you were that good, you wouldn't be posting fiction here. Nothing says insecurity and ass like a running review war. Yes, reviewers CAN be wrong, but so what? Arguing with them is a waste of your time anyway.

10) Your Altverse fails. What do you get when you strip your main character of his canon personality, kill off all the supporting cast and send him off into another xover series? You get one big bucket of suck. Any story where you can replace the main character with the name "Ed" and not know the difference automatically fails nine times out of ten. Do yourself a favor and assume you aren't that tenth time. Why did you even bother choosing that character and series to begin with if you were just going to piss all over the story and abandon it next chapter? Ha ha ha! Ranma doesn't have a curse, lost all his memories to the neko ken and has been training with bruce lee in the cyber wars of 2010! O.o' Of course that's ridiculous sounding, but its amazing how many aspiring authors totally divorse the characters from their original canon so completely. The sooner you accept the fact that you should scrub these fics from your harddrive with a brillo pad, the better.

Exceptions exist to nearly all of these rules. They probably don't apply to you, but hey, it's called a disclaimer for a reason. And yes. I am PERFECT in ALL of these.
I need an edit function on these forums, hope its gonna get up anywhere soon.

Anyway real name of the author whom has written above statement is Ozzallos, with the dual z as you can see. I respect him for he is truely an awesome writer and therefore has the right to show a bit arrogance in this rather amusing and helpful (to you, pinkfroggie) to a lot of writers, including myself.
I've been debating posting this for a while, but now I about have to. Nothing we say is going to get our Ageless troll to relent. We're wasting our time; none of us is fluent in stupid and thus we can't communicate with her. Let's just ignore her.
There is a good idea. Her topic was irelivent in the first place.
Add my vote to the box. Wish there was a way to delete comments, but then, I tend to like them, as they show us who the asses are.