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(I hope that's how you spell apoligies)

I would like to say sorry to some of you.

Rous: I am sorry. I truely am. But I haven't gotten one nice review. It's like everybody isn't reading the poetry I recomend. Don't you say that that's to bad or something like that. Cause I'm not done. I am sorry, but you called mywriting terrible. When you haven't even read my best piece, Sakura and Lee: My Love. I was kind of acting like a baby. I'm sorry about that. I was just strssed. I am sure that you are to, but I had to study, answer reviews, and get all my normal chores done. You see writing is my passion. I would be nothing without it.
For there was a light shining at the end of the tunnel
But yet darkness laid behind
Forgeting your past was the first step
The horror you had caused
But soon this will all be over
The execution, the long and dreadful pause
You are unsure of where you'll end up
But you still always remeber this
You change everything but your enraged fists

That is my newest poem. I hope u like it. I did. People lack on thing in understanding my poetry. I depth an description I put in it. I don't like all the lines to be strung togther I like them hanging loose. If you do not believe me then read the published poet Javan. He writes excellent poetry. None of the lines are strung together (except for a few).
I am sorry. I was mad at you for callin gmy writing bad, actually worse than bad. You made me really doubt my writing skills. Wriitng is my passion, my reason for living. So whenyou and Ketchum told me that I was crushed, I felt like my world was ending. That night I lied on my couch until 1:00a.m. wonderin gif that was true. I was EXTREMLY upset. The worst part was I was told that my writing was terrible and that I couldn't write, a few times. I was so deeply crushed I felt like crying. Tears formed in my eyes once I read your response (the one saying that my writing was bad).
Your words were sharp and deep. The words cut with pricision and hit whtaever you were aiming for.
You hear that everybody. Your harsh words. They really hurt me. I know that I over-reacted a bit but I was truely, sincerly hurt. I know you must think that I'm a crybaby, acting like a baby, lieing, and over-exhaggerating things. But I'm not So I just want everybody to know thta I'm sorry and I that I really did get hurt by your words.

Thank you.
Pink Froggie, this may be hard for you to grasp-it is for most young people, including my former self-but you have a long, long life ahead of you in which to get better at writing. Almost nobody is good at writing at your age. I certainly wasn't. When I was your age I wrote some truly awful fanfiction, which I have since scoured from the face of the internet out of shame. Writing skill comes with practice, experience, and maturity.

Nobody is saying that you can never be a good writer. In fact, if memory serves at least one person said the exact opposite. If you want to be a great writer, you are going to have to work at it, and above all LISTEN TO CRITICISM. There is nothing more helpful to a writer than someone telling him or her what they are doing wrong. Don't just dismiss critics as being 'mean' or 'hurtful'! Listen to what they say and use it to make your writing better!

Writing is your life? Writing is your soul? AWESOME! I wish I'd had that sort of conviction at your age. So don't do yourself a disservice by not working to improve your writing abilities!
A wise person once said that if you can be convinced to stop writing, you should stop. If you really love to write, get used to taking not-nice comments, because you'll be getting a lot of them. I'm trying to get my novel published and believe me, I've gotten tons of rejection letters and a few reviewers who think my story's a waste of their time. I've been rewriting and fiddling with the story for three years, and it's much better than when I started. Learn to see the helpful parts of bad reviews, work at getting better, and never give up!
Keep up that attitude, and I am sure you will find a beta-reader soon.

Actually, its kind of a good thing that you are so young, its a good thing that you are no 25 year old woman only living to write ignoring her criticism. Really, when I started writing, I was fourteen years old and as immature as an illiterate jerk. At some point though I decided to take the criticism. I wasnt receiving much, because I didnt set myself in the spotlights, like you did.

As Jesusketchum has verbalized, their is certainly potential in your writing, for as far as I can see it. I am a nobody between most people who have been criticising on you. As I have told you before, I currently write only to improve my wirting. I cherish Constructive Critisism. If i think this review was a rant, I ignore it. But there are not many rants. What you have been receiving were rants though, why? Because you took everything so personal, you retorted to everything people aimed at you. You dont have to take it all in stride ofcourse, but just leave it be. You told us writing means a lot to you, so I understand you take your criticism personal. I am sure everybody will accept your apologies, you know you were wrong. Now it is time to change, to not let this happen again and have a very good story up next year.

What might be harsh thing, but at the basics of writing, it isnt you who decides how to do it, but your readers. When you have improved on everything Pikabot, Jesusketchum and Pyrasaur told you, you can go and really develop your own style. You need to start at the basics. And its not a bad thing because you really are still young. You have loads of time. You do not need to be taken as serious as a thirty year old veteran writer, because you are not. You do not need to strive the same Ideals as they. Because you cannot and that has to do with your age and lack of experience with writing. You want too much. Don't stress it, focus on improving and you ll end up just fine, I m sure you're smart.
I will tell you what I think your problem is: you take it too personally. There are people who will gush at your writing, no matter how bad. Then there are people who take the time to point out it is less than acceptable and tell you why. They are your true guides. If you had started all of this with a simple: "I am new to writing and would like some input on my stories", well, things would not have progressed to this point. You attacked first, then ragged on us when we gave you what you asked for.

It is all well and good that you apologize, but unless you intend to do something about the reviews left you, it is a moot point. My first story was panned very badly by a site owner. I quit writing for months. Then, I decided to show her! And, I did. The story is better, the direction it takes is better, and I am now considering rewriting it into an original. So, while it hurt, the crit helped, in the long run.

You posted at another thread that you are twenty-years-old. I have a hard time believing that. You look ten and sound ten. Firstly, that is too young for most sites, this one included, I think. Secondly, you need more experience writing. You should ask your teachers for help and guidance. If there is truly some talent there, then they will see it. Thirdly, you need to remember that most of us are adults here and do not respond well to such antics as described in your story "More To Life". You are acting like the main character and it does not fly in the real world. The biggest favour we can do you is to ignore you. So, I suggest you listen more and rant less. Let those who are still willing to help you, do so.

I will give a parting piece of advice: read your stories out loud, to yourself. If they do not sound right, then maybe you will see what people have been trying to tell you. If they sound okay to you, then just steel yourself for the fallout, because you will get it.
Now, I know things have changed a lot since I was that young, but I'm fairly certain that angsty poetry + "my life is over" rhetoric still = teenager. Ten is a bit short, as estimates go.
Well, it looks like the twit is back. I thought she dropped down a very deep hole, but, alas, no. I was inclined to let this whole thing sink down into the hole with her, but she has resorted to ranting in reviews. I got an e-mail from her trying to explain what her problem is, but it is just as unintelligible as her writing. However, I am going to share it, since it was so sincere.

I sent this to her:
Rous (FicWad user: Rous, rousroep@nalu.net) wants to tell you:

I am taking this off list, just because I do not want to inflame things anymore than they already are. I do not hate you. I do not know you well enough to hate you. I personally think you are a spoiled child who thinks they can say anything they want and get away with it. Just because you are anonymous does not give you the right to treat others with disrespect. I am quite a bit older than are you, and I deal with kids everyday. I am not interested in doing so when online. I did NOT lie about my age as I never gave it. I said that I lie about it when asked, sometimes. I never give my true age on any bio at any site I belong to; one even lists me as 250 years old. I just do not believe in giving out personal information. I do not even list my sex unless forced to, and even then I have given the wrong one, just because it is not pertinent to my online life. You should know this, if you do, indeed, teach internet safety to kids, which I find highly unlikely.

Also, I do not want you gone from this site. It is a public forum and you have as much right to be here as anyone else, as long as you are old enough. I only want you to act in a mature, adult manner when dealing with adults. If you want others to think you are twenty years old, then act like it, instead of a ten-year-old throwing a temper tantrum because they are not getting their way. And, I only tell you this for your own good.

If your writing used to be that good, why are you posting the stories you are instead? Post the old stuff. Then let us judge. Posting crap and then asking us to excuse it because you are depressed, or just moved, or hate your life, or just blaming it on your keyboard is irresponsible. And, with Spellcheck, you do not even need to actually know how to spell the word, it can give you the correct spelling. Blaming others will not make you a better writer. Only experience and guidance will do that. I suggest you write your little heart out, find a beta, get things squared away, and then ask for reviews. Asking us to review what you have posted here is just asking for what you got: honesty, and in your eyes brutal honesty, but believe me, I could have been a lot harsher. I tend to critique very gently. I know what it is like to be flamed, and I am not interested in doing it to someone else. If I wanted to flame you, as PikaBot said, you would know you had been flamed.

I truly do not mean this to be mean, but sometime harshness is the only thing some people hear. I hope you can hear the encouragement, also.

And, her answer:
I agree with you completely. Except for your opinion on me being "a spoiled child who thinks they can say anything they want and get away with it." Yeah, of all the things in the world, I am not a spoiled child. My only Christmas present for the past 3 years has been nothing, except for a laptop. I haven't received a penny in 5 years. I work hard around my house. I live in an 12 room home in NYC. My parents inherited the poems from my grandparents (My grandparents died a month ago, so we moved there, they moved to NYC a month before their death, they were murdered). I have had my purse stolen. My cloths are decent because my mom will come home with a new shirt (That is my payment for working hard around the house, for a month. I also get a pair of jeans to go with it) I don't think that I can say whatever I want. I said that out of anger. I was very upset. My brother was staying, but I was moving to NYC. It was so not fair and you want to know what, it still isn't. I hate my life beyond comprehension. I only post such crappy stories because I get angry and need something to scream into. As soon as my parents decide that they want to move back to Ireland (which I need to put more than enough effort into) I will have good stories back up. I will discuss moving back with them. I have already came up with a very convincing argument. So cross your fingers and I hope my parents say yes. Because I will be so happy.Me moving back to Ireland will be good for all of us.

Hi, i am back. Yep, that's right Rous. I have came back to tell you what I think. And here it is:
You act like you're so much better than me. Saying the same thing over and over, it isn't helpful in the least. It just makes a person angry. The ages I have told you that I am, None of them were my actual age. I am not ten though. You treat me like I'm so inferior to you. Like I am just a kid. Well I've got news for you, I'm not a kid. And you say I go on these obsurd rants. When really, i am arguing with you. No one else, just you. You are by far the worst, most awful, and rude person that I have ever met in my entire life. You aren't fair. You shot someone down before you hear their side of the story. Well you did to me at least. I only asked qhy people could be so gross. But I got more than an answer I got a war. And all of a sudden I am the bad guy. I wrote those e-mails so you would stop fucking bugging me. Rous here is my opinion on you: you are an asshole. But that is just my opinion. I have a job and I live alone (besides my dog, cat, and ferret) I work for the New York Times. I am a journalist. So excuse me if I come home at 10:00 at night and sit down at my computer and write a crappy story. At least I do something. I am working on three different novels right now. So I have very little time. But I am at least trying to write something. I have so much work to do. My boss has me running all over the city to find the latest news for the next day.Tht gets tiring. So there ou have it. That's the truth. But excuse me if I come home at night after I have done everything I can at my job that day, and maybe I am in a disagreeable mood. I work on a computer all day. My hands ae sore from typing, after I have ran all over the city. And then I come home and listen to your shit. You have so many complaints. And don't even say that that's no excuse. Because you told me that you dealt with kids all day so you're rather cranky. You are just so annoying and a pain in the ass. I get up at 6:00am and leave my work at 9:00 pm. So please forgive me if I don't want to kiss you and hand out free money. And did I lie? Hell yeah. There was no way that I would just tell random people that I work nine hours a day (except for weekends, five hour days) and for my two week paycheck (4,000) so sorry for not pasing out money you fucking son of a bitch Rous.

That is all I have to say. I am not yelling like a five year old. I don't think that I can say whatever the fuck I want. I am telling you the harsh realities of my life. So grow the hell up.

I dont give a fuck about my spelling or grammer.
I posted a reply privately. No one else needs to be subjected to any more of this. If you let it lie, this will be the end. If you persist in keeping it going...well, you will not like the results.