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Why do you have to rate a fic. I mean it's just a way for someone's faith in there story to go down. So why don't people post there stories on the message boards. Becuase most people have there filter setting to 0. I don't thinkthat it's fair for someone to be able to come along and rate your story based on their personal opinions no matter how much your story sucks. Whenever I rate a story I always rate them with a good rating. Cause I on't want it to come back to haunt me. Because if you have a story -1 and mosts filter setting is to a 0 then nobody sees your story because of on epersons lame opinion. We all hate havin gour story rated -1 no matter how many times you do that to someone els you hate to see yours a -1. All because of one persons own choice, becuase of their own opinion, you have to suffer with the fact that thousands aren't going to read your story because of one persons sucky opinion. Who cares about the reviews. That doesn't matter. When you rate someones story, think about your own, then make your choice. I give the person a good rating wether their story says nothin gor not. Cause I don't want people doin that to my stories. But someone did. Someone rated my fan-fic a -1, just becuase the person thought that the actual characters wouldn't do that. So now my story won't be read because of one persons fucking opinion on my story (actually great, many have told me, Im talkin bout my story) I hate the rating system, It SUCKS!

If you agree with me then say so.

Thank you.
Ficwad was deliberately built to have a rating system to help sort out bad stories from the good ones. If you don't like it, I recommend you post your work at Fanfiction.net or other sites that don't use a rating system.

It is true that a rating system can be abused, but metarating is supposed to help correct that. If you want to stay on Ficwad, you're going to have to get used to the rating system, because it's here for good. The founders of this site want it that way.
If you don't like the rating system, find another site. Abuse potential aside, I think the system is a good idea; if you don't want your work to fall below the general radar, think better of what you're writing. And if so many people are of the opinion that this story is great, just get someone to boost your rating
You give good reviews even if the story isn't good? That's no favour to the author. I mean, sure, honest criticism stings a bit when you get it, but it forces you to look at the flaws in your writing, and then you can fix them. If everyone just smiles and nods and says the story is great, how is an author supposed to know how to improve?

If you don't really care about any of that, and you care more about the fluffy feeling of being told that your story is wonderful, you'd probably be better off at another site.
This is a dead horse.
yawns I'm with Rous here. This has been discussed so often, all the arguments have been used - at least three times. And in the end it comes down to the fact that there are two webmasters who built the site to their own liking. They're not likely to change it - there are enough other fanfic sites around to choose from.
The answer is simple, pinkie: You DON'T have to.

I suspect that you would get fewer low ratings if you used beta and a spellchecker.