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HTML-tags? What the bleep are those?
Allright, many will say: Typical a woman.
I say: I just don't know anything about it and I'm just lucky to use the internet like every average geek out there.

What are those HTML tags and how to use them? Is there someone out there who can save me? and probably a lot of other writers who don't know how to use HTML-tags?
HTML tags are what computers read to understand formatting such as bold face, italic face, breaks, paragraphs, colors and the like. They are usually invisible in your text file.

If you upload your stories to FicWad, you have to upload in HTML form, which preserves these little buggers and makes sure that your materials are formatted properly. If you copy and paste, the HTML tags aren't preserved and you have to go back in and replace them.

They're usually written with < then a one or two letter code (sometimes a full word), and finished by a >. This will put your text into whatever format you specify until you tell it to stop. This is done by typing < then / then the code and >.

There are plenty of free tutorials on the 'net to help you learn the most basic codes, which you'd need if you ever want to have your own domain and website.


Hope this helped.
hugs Tikatu thank you so much!