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How do yo get noticed?
This goes out to all you with 50+ reads and a ton of reviews, how did you do it? How did you garner attention to your fic specifically? It doesn't just require your story to be good, you also have to make sure people see it, so how do you do it?
Reading and reviewing other stories will probably help. If you leave reviews the author finds helpful, he/she will most likely check out your profile. And who knows, maybe read your story.

Personally, I crosspost my stories to several lists and link back to this site. As a reader I always find it important to know the "home" of an author, so that I can find all s/he's written in one spot.
Posting on the forums often seems to help, in regards to ficwad.
I'd have to concur. Write reviews in the stories of the sort of authors who you think might like your story. In the review, show them that you know what you're doing. But don't beg. People hate that.
Reviews are huge. I agree. And forum posts. Both very good suggestions that writers need to keep in mind. You have to remember to give your fellow writers the same courtesies you'd like.

I think another things is that your story description needs to jump out and grab the people scrolling by. If a discription isn't interesting people tend to assume the story won't be either. Post a discription that tells your readers what the story is about without giving too much away. Leave them in suspense.
I tend to write for an obscure fandom and an even more obscure ship.

I took the "I scratch your back, you scratch mine," approach. Not just for selfish reasons! I seek out and review authors in the same fandom whose words delight me, because, hey, I like reading it as much as writing it. And some folks out there are far more skilled than I am.

I didn't just do that here; I do it on LJ and ff.net as well.

More importantly, I created a fansite that people actually use. It helps that my fandom is obscure, so there's not much else out there for it. I made it attractive and evocative, and I include pages where I give 2-line mini-reviews and links to every piece of fanart and fanfic in the fandom. This helps other authors get readers, and eventually some of them find their way back to my site.

Also, a fellow author started an LJ community for the same fandom, and we have collaborated there to find and encourage authors, artists, cosplayers, and everything else.

In short, think of ways to sponsor and encourage your particular corner of fandom (if you have one) and people are more likely to read your stuff.

Of course, it also helps that many of my pieces are erotica. blush But that can only go so far. People don't remember you, and certainly don't leave many reviews, if that's all you write.
I wish I could say, "That only works if it's GOOD erotica." Sadly...

One thing that might make a person get fewer readers is flaws in the summary and/or title. Even if the rest of the 'fic is just okay, the summary and title should be flawless. Again, begging for reads in the summary and title is usually a tip that someone is new.
@helluin: I think what you're trying to say is: Be active in the fandom. In my opinion, that's always the best thing you can do. First, it'll be the most fun. It's way nicer to communicate with people on lists, on LJ and on forum than to simply read there and keep your mouth shut. It will help you get a grasp of the fandom and bounce off ideas. Interaction usually gives me the most bunnies. Secondly, if you have settled nicely in a community it's much easier to get feedback on stuff you've written. And if you have a really good accord with them you will even get constructive feedback:)
Michelle: Exactly. In my next life, I will learn the fine art of brevity. ;)
LOL, I was simply adding my two cents to your four cents:)