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I need a beta
i need a beta for a harry potter piece i'm doing, i need a lot of help with my grammer and spelling but i would welcome some advice and any input that you want to put in would be fine. Post back in intrested.
Maybe I can help!
I don't mind helping out. I actually enjoy helping with the editing process, if you don't mind criticism.
I wouldn't mind helping you every once in awhile. Some people say I am good with editing and all that stuff. I do it for friends of mine up on AFF. Well get back to me if you still need help.
thanks for the replys. im currently in the middle of my exams so Fanfiction is taking a backseat for a moment but once my exams finish (15 june) i should get back into it, so if your still intrested by then then let me know. Thanks Mutt
Yo right here. I have too much free time on my hands. Here's my email: RealGateGuardian@gmail.com email it to me with somethign like "Mutt: Betaing My Harry Potter Fiction" and I'll send it back to you with grammatical and spelling errors fixed. I'll add notes in as I see fit.