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How do I report plagiarism on this site?
I don't want to start flaming anyone or anything but someone on this site thought it would be a grand idea to repost my story under their name even though I also have it up here as well and for the life of me, I'm probably blind/stupid but I can't find an e-mail address for the admins of the site so they can take it down. Help?
I can sympathize, believe me.


This is the profile and contact page for Kemayo, one of the mods on this site. It seems easier to contact him this way than through the official admin@ficwad.com address.

If you're on live journal, I'm also going to recommend a community there: http://community.livejournal.com/stop_plagiarism/profile

They're very good at investigating and dealing with plagiarists.

Good luck.

Just a note: reporting someone for plagiarism is not flaming; it is just that, reporting someone for stealing someone else's work. Flaming would be telling someone they are stupid and should quit writing because they are stupid; or that sort of thing. NEVER attack the writer, only critique their writing. That should keep you out of trouble.