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Stories with chapters updated
We've just changed the way stories with multiple chapters are handled. Previously there was no way to have a separate summary and title for your first chapter, so the new system offers some more flexibility in that area.

Also, we've changed the layout slightly, and if you're logged in, you should now be able to see when your rating points will expire. Rating points are refilled every week, and they don't carry over, so if you have any remaining, try to use them up before they're refilled.
Questions about how Chapters are handled
Hi there, I'm a new member and all that good stuff--was asked to make an account here so students whose schools have blocked FF.net and AO3 could read fan fics while in school.

Its a bit to adjust to and I was just in the middle of uploading several chapters to one of my chapter fic when I've bumped into an issue.

My questions are if there is an intentional limit to the chapters that can be uploaded onto a story on this site at the moment. I was able to reach the 12th chapter until I found out it cut off near the middle of it. Then when I tried to post the second half of the story in a new chapter 13 I was cut off after only 3-4 words.

I can't say I'm particularly pleased about that when I'll I wanted to do was post a completed 22 chapter one shot collection.

What is the sites word count limit? I was able to safely upload storyies with 14500+ and 15700+ words but once I reached a 26000+ word count I'm suddenly getting my story cut off? Without a proper warning to this limit or even a little word count bar you can find in editing pages of other sites you are severely limiting other peoples writing. And unless they knew before hand, suddenly finding out their stories are getting cut of after posting them is a bit of a set back both for this site and its members. Will this be something ficwad will be working to improve later on?

There are plenty of stories with a much larger word count than 26000, I just read a story that had 175k word, so I don't think that is the issue.

On the other hand I with one of my chapters had an issue with a certain sequence of letters and formatting that made the upload cut in the middle of the upload. When I removed the special formatting the upload worked.

I suspect similar thing might also happen if you use certain characters that upload assign special meaning to. A third possible reason is that file you try to upload might have some kind of junk whitespace character that fools the upload function.
Accented characters are verboten!
I've run into this same issue. The problem is with non-English characters, like a French "e" with an accent over it, or a Swedish "o" with an umlaut (those two little dots) over it. This will terminate the upload at the offending character.

The only way I've found to get around it is to get rid of the special characters. I realize that "fiancee" looks classier with an accent over the "e" but this is Ficwad. We don't do classy, here.