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okay hi everyone im completely new here so show me around. question... i want to write a story but i dont know what to write it about, and i am afraid that i will like have nothign else tow rite about like completely get writers blck or simething ,then get yelled at by people tha tread my story????
The first step is to calm down.

Secondly, look through the catagories. Decide on what you are interested in, and could write about.

Then, practice writing and once you think that you've got the hang of it, write a decent story/poem.

The next step is to proofread, a beta-reader can help with that. But someone wise taught me that grammer, margins, punctuation, and capitalization was key when writing a story. Might I recomend that you re-read everything that you write. Also, I am avaliable for beta-reading. My e-mail adress is pinkfroggie06@yahoo.com

If you get yelled at by people that review your story? That is apart of ficwad. You can't get past it. If someone, is pointing out mistakes, thank them. If they are telling you what you could improve on, take note of that. But remember, it is just their opinion. If someone says something stupid, or something without any help to benifit you, then roll your eyes and flick off their username (that was a joke) just tell them what your opinion on the them is.

Until you've been on here for awile, don't present yourself on the forums to much. I did that, now I don't speak much to one of the users on here, but that user taught me a lot.

Anyway, good luck. Any questions, post or e-mail me at pinkfroggie06@yahoo.com

Hugs and Kisses: Pinkfroggie06
hey thanks alot i will definately keep that information in mind. great advice

thanks again
Well you could walk around, watch tv, talk to poeple, or just stare at the celling till something comes to you. That's what I do, and I'm partialy insane. Also I might go crazy too.