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Stupid People (you wouldn't believe the ratings that people give you!!)
Stupid, freakin', rating and meta-rating scammers. How is a poem that isn't like any other, predictable? Maybe that person writes to much of the same poetry or they just don't care about ficwad and wish to ruin your life. That second choice is the best option. Also, I write fan-fiction. I wrote about a pairing that has never been written about before, and someone marks it was cliche. I don't know what it is, wether they think that they're amusing or not I find them highly irritating and want them gone. If you agree with me, say so!

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I agree! Though noone has reviewed me poorly. I haven't even been getting traffic recently but what you described sounds like BS. I'll read your poems just out of principle now.
I don't even know if that was sarcasm.
I don't even know if that was sarcasm.
Yes some ratings and reviews are unfair I think especially in poetry and fandoms...And on origianl fics, but my think is if you can't say something nice and constructive please don't say it at all.
How do you know the poem isn't like any other? Have you read every poem that's ever been written? As far as your fanfic pairing being cliche, perhaps it wasn't the pairing that the reviewer found cliche, but the way it was written.

When you post on a website, be it a poem, a fic, artwork, or a thread, you have to be prepared to get criticism. If you don't think you can handle it, I suggest that you put it on paper and only show it to your friends - those you can count on to say, "Ooh, that's awesome!"
why care
Why do you care what people say anyhow, is it because your so insecure that you can't handle what other people think of you. Whatever if you are going to cry about it then dont stain the carpe with your pathetic tears on the way out.
at least you get ratings.