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I'd need help with my fan fiction
LOTR=Lord of the Rings
Slightly Star Wars

In that order:

Samug found a female dragon before his attack on the dwarves Kingdom. The female dragon's name was Tiamat. Their only egg was laid.

(Watch the whole Saga of Hobbit to the LOTR)

Aragorn and Arwen got married than centuries decades later. People forgot about those past events except for Aragorn's and Arwen's descendants. One of their descendants is know to the ninja world as the Sage of the Sixth paths.

Now the real story begins. Monk knows about the egg was going to hatch. His family was the guardians to the gate way of the dragon egg. So the history won't repeat it's self ever again.

Unbeknownst to both the sage and the hatching dragon. They'll start a new era for the world. The Chakra Comet hitter the volcano where the dwarves used to live in before Samug attacked.

After the Chakra Comet clashed down neared the Sage and the Dragon. Sage left the volcano and after few accidents. He made the mountain that will became know as the Hokages' monument and he also created the mounts of Iwagakure, Hacho's lake, Kirigakure's landscape and the mountains of Kumogakure.

After the Monk finds and master the Chakra and the natural energy. He become know as the most powerful and the Father of the Ninjas. He heard about dragon and it's path of destructions. The monk use his mastery of his chakra to sealed the ten-tailed dragon into him. few more decades went by and he met his unknown wife who happens to find a way to used the chakra in the ninja arts and summoned. She was the first summoner of all summons. After her death due to give birth to twins that doesn't look at all like each other. She died in childbirth. Before the sage died he gave the summon scrolls to youngest son and spilt the Ten-tail dragon into 9 chakra animals. That happens to be his favorite animals.