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Hi there! ^_^
I'm new here! Though you might know me if you visit other fanfiction sites such as fanfiction.net, lunaescence archives, freedom of speech and fiction zone. Or you may not know me either ^_^ I mostly specialise in One Piece, though I have written a few Naruto fics, though it may take me a while to post everything on here, I only have one fic up at the moment and that's my Mihawk fic, Pirate Love!! Well that's enough of my talking as I could most likely go on for hours, most probably talking about nothing important!!
well that is very interestin umm...I am new here to and I have put in two fanfictions one is called the last chance and you should read it I would like to here from you.
I'm new here as well, but, ummm...Shadow-fox, I just checked your profile and everyone's giving your stories bad ratings! O.O Why?