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Are author notes rude?
Alright I have a story, but somewhere else, I'm not ready to post it up here yet. The story has some original songs in it. The author note I put with them is that I would sue them if they took my songs. Now I got a very messed up review saying I was being rude... Is saying I will sue someone for taking what is my hard work being rude???
its not rude, its basicly saying take my sh*t and die, ^w^ ignore them they don't like the fact that they cant take your songs
I don't find them rude I do them all the time
Hey, totally not rude.
You are just informing them that plagerism will not be taken lightly. And it shouldn't be. Saying you will sue if someone takes a song that is yours and you wrote it, 100% original, without permission would be absolutely unacceptable and we all know it. Maybe it would be a different story if they were to ask you and credit you in an authors note of theirs, but otherwise, in any other circumstances, do what you must to make sure it doesn't happen again (not killing anyone or anything, though) But no, authors notes are not rude, I use them all the time. Don't fret and sweat over other people's ignorance, stupidity, and greediness. Karma, they'll get what's coming to them in the end. trust me.
I just realized that I said it would be absolutely unaccepyable, but I meant the opposite. It would be so acceptable, and sorry for my typo.

I personally have a few original songs written in my story. I just added an * to let them know there were notes at the end of the chapter. I explained that it was original. I also posted this notice: "Any poems or songs intertwined in this story DO belong to me; they are originals. So, if you cannot possible withhold the urge to "borrow" them without permission, at least credit me as the writer."

I do not think it is good form to threaten people unless you have good reason to do so. Most will abide by a gentle admonishment that it belongs to you. Those who do not will not be intimidated by a threat that is questionable as to whether or not it can be enforced. If you do find someone stealing your work, then you can go to the site where it is posted and complain. It would also benefit you to have proof that you wrote it and a date. There are ways to do this without going through the copyright process.