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No stories in the HP section?
Hello there.

I'm not sure whether I;m doing something wrong and that's whats causing the problem, or if it's a site thing, but I had a story bookmarked, and I went to open it this morning, and it said it wasn't there.

So I went to the homepage and tried to get to any HP story that way, but when I clicked the HP category, it said there were 0 stories.
Server problems!!
I am also not seeing any stories in the HP section, or any of the sections I have checked, although they have stories counted in the section overviews (for ex. saying that HP has 1337 storis). None of the authors i have in my alerts are showing any stories - for any of their sections and none of the xml feeds are working (haven't for a few days).
HP thing.
i think that it might be the site so i wouldn't blame yourself on this so hopefully they put the stories back because I lost all mine too and the ones I have been readin.
same here
and its not only in hp.
I know and every set is now gone all those stories in lord of the rings and eragon and many more are now gone lets email the admin they might get this whole thing back together. Shadow-fox