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I Can't Edit My Story
It's called Favourite Weasley. I can't edit it, which is a shame because I've had many helpful suggestions on how to improve it. It just doesn't show up on the 'edit stories' page. Please help!
Whoops. And just a question, what do the various titles mean, like (Original:5) or (Funny:3)
A lot of people have been having that sort of problem, myself included.

And those are the "ratings". On the right-hands side of FicWad, you should have some boxes. One will have "Welcome, [your name]!: Rating points: #", the other "Filter: [drop-down box] You won't see stories with a lower score when you browse or search." Also at the bottom of a story should be a "Rate This Story | Metarate: Another user rated this story as [whatever]. Fair or Unfair?"

It's a sort of "grading" method. 5 point stories would be the "A+" grades, and -1 would be an F. It's not perfect, but it does help when you don't want to slosh through the bad. The "metarate" gives good raters more points to rate with if you judge their ratings "fair".
It's not about how good people thought it was; it's about how many people thought it was good.

Say the story Favourite Weasley is a one-chapter story. Say it stays up and three people think it's funny, two think it's moving and one thinks it's a train wreck (and they all rate accordingly). Since no one can rate the same chapter more than once, the story will have a net rating of +4, because five people rated it up and one rated it down.

The story's rating would show +4, and the name of the most recent rating. So if the train wreck dude was last, the story would read "Train Wreck: 4."

Things get more complicated for multi-chapter 'fics.
So have I and still I think that it will eventually get better soon.
I also seem to have a story that refuses to show up in my 'edit stories' page. Titled A Rose's Thorns.
Is there anyway it can be added to that page for me, or is it better to have it deleted and post it up again?
Thanks for your time!
I'm totally haveing this same issue! I cant get at my story to update it, which really sucks because its my first story and now its kinda dead... :C
I can't fix my story either. I accidentally uploaded it twice due to the database being funny at the time (went back and pressed send again, ugh) and now I can't delete one.
I am having the same problem. I cannot edit or update any of my stories.
menage my stories
I want to go to check "menage my stories" and my 4rd fic "New Generation of Godchildren" isn't listed and unfortunately I couldn't edit to correct some details.