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Redundant Categories -- Merge?
Okay, here's one that you probably don't get too often... I just found out that there is both a "Pride and Prejudice" category and a "Jane Austen" category. Maybe they should be merged. (It helps that only one of them has any stories in it.)
I agree because it leaves more room to put more people in the catagory too.
It's entirely possible someone didn't realize Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice. Dodges broken bottles flung by an irate mod

However, if the Austen category becomes big enough, it might be better to keep the P & P category separate so you don't have to wade through masses of Sense and Sensibility or Emma fics to find Elizabeth/Darcy. Or Darcy/Wickham, come to think of it.
There are two stories in P&P and none in Austen. I think we should move the two stories to the Austen category and nix the P&P. Right now, wading's not an issue.

What probably happened was that someone requested P&P without noticing that there was already an Austen category. The mods probably just filled the request instead of contacting the member.
talk to the admins they will or could help with that just go email them about it.
Or I could post in the forum thread dedicated to such issues. Eh, I don't want to bug them. This is a minor problem and they'll get to it when they get to it.