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Naruto's New Threads
I am in need of ideas for at least six different looks for Naruto fashion wise. Post your ideas and may the best ones win.
Well, how about a matador like outfit - Matador Naruto outfit? Sorta like this guy ( http://ranchcardoso.biz/Matadors/SuitofLight/images/matadorincostume.gif ), and with, like choosable colors?
Or how about Gangster Naruto, dressed like a 20's gangster? ( http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41RkepXahLL.jpg )
1- Organization XIII's Cloak from Kingdom Hearts(Possibly with power over darkeness)
2- Ichigo's outfit on Sōkyoku hill
3- Naruto's Shippuden outfit
4- Bleach Shinigami outfit
5- classic Anbu gear
6- A cloak kind of like Akatsuki's but personalized more
7- Anything other that the kill-me-orange monstrosity
8- Cloud's outfit from Final Fantasy
Anyway that's all I have thank you for considering my entries, hope you update
1 - Naruto dresses like Jiraiya the toad sage after Kakashi informs him that Jiraiya is a ladies man because of how powerful he is, the way he dresses and the way he talks and that all his books are based on personal experience. Which unfortunately is not true.

2. Dresses like an Orange Rock Lee just to anoy Kakshi

3. Dresses like the 3rd Hokage battle outfit in honor of his Jiji

4. Dressed in a tux like James Bond

5. Dressed like Kakashi after seeing rock lee and guy. Beliving ever team needs a mini me

6. Dressed in a leather jacket, white T, jeans, and steel toed shoes going around and saying I'll be back and no problemo.
1. Just black baggy pants with a lot of pockets for scrolls and tools, bare foot and torso, headband around the knuckles of a hands. The tissue of his headband around the arm and Brass knuckles on the other hand.(Maybe seals tatooed on him ?)

2. Assassin's creed like clothes.

3. Sleeveless black skin-tight T-shirt, leather armor pieces on him.

4. In a black kimono with a golden design of a moon and tidal waves

5. Alucard's clothes (without the glasses maybe)

6. samourai outfit or Zatoichi like clothes but with his headband on his eyes
zatoichi : http://notrejapon.blogspot.fr/2008/11/zatoichi-ou-la-lgende-du-samoura.html

alucard : http://s28.photobucket.com/user/shadow_runner2k4/media/Alucard.jpg.html
well for me the outfits would have to be

1. clouds advent children clothes with a fox head instead of wolf on the shoulder

2. ichigos bankai outfit after he gets his power back in the fullbring arc

3. dante from devil may cry

4. undertakers outfit

5. dante from dantes inferno just subtract the crosses

6. blades outfit

7. vaans outfit from ff12

8. squalls ff8 replace lion with fox

9. tidus from ff10

10. auron from ff10

11. reids from tales of destiny 2

12. lloyd from tales of symphonia

13. senel from tales of legendia

14. luke from tales of the abyss after he cuts his hair

15. yuri from tales of vesperia

16. sieg from chaos legion

17. nowe from drakengard 2

18. luffy from one piece after the time skip

19. zolo from one piece after time skip

20. sephiroth ff7
1- Organization XIII's outfit

2- Sephiroth

3- Johnny Gat's Saint Row 2 Court Suit with burnt orange shirt

4- Anbu gear

5- Bleach captains uniform

6- Ragna the Bloodedge outfit

7- Hazama outfit
1. vash from Trigun
2. wolfwood from Trigun
I was looking into more of some outfits from the free brawler called Grand Chase.

Some good characters that might fit Naruto would be Jin Seighart Dio and Zero and for the guns look up Rufus. Each character has a four different outfits except for Rufus. Now pls go ahead have a gander would you kindly.
(See what i did there ;))