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Nobody Reviews Anymore
Hello Everybody,

It's me, twiinklestar, here with a note to all of the readers and writers and ficwad.com. Lately, it seems that nobody wants to review anybodies stories and I think that is why not very many people are writing new stories. Nobody wants to right a story when nobody leaves comments on it. I'm starting to feel unencouraged myself. Maybe I wont continue any of my stores . D: . So this is my message to everyone, REVIEW THE STORIES. I always review the stories after I read them. No matter what. It doesn't hurt you or take a long time to review a story. Simple. Just say whether you liked it or not or tell them to continue. But please don't read the story and then leave. Ficwad.com used to be a place where everybody reviewed, now it's not. As you can tell, many of our great writers have left us: greektitan, mrs-jay, but don't unencourage other great writers to leave this site too. Otherwise there will be no stories for you to read. Now please, take the time to review a story.

Read it.
Like it.
Hate it.
Review it.

Thank you everybody.
I know
No one is reviewing my lastest story.
I feel for you guys. I don't get many reviews at all... and usually they're from the same 2 people. Reviews are a great way to let people know how you really think about a story, and they have the potential to let the author improve on their writing.

Heck, I'd love it if someone reviewed one of my stories once in a while.
I know if they do review my stories most of them are rude!
and i got another rude one today!from some person named rous I think it was
personally, to me it's lucky that someone will read it in the first place, talk about reviews...
I guess it is but if they review you know if people like it or not and they can help you improve your story or your writing.
I know what you mean...maybe I just suck at writing, but at least let me kno
People don't review much in poetry
Agreed, although I'm a tad guilty. I don't like to refiew unless the story is so good it knocks me over, out of my chair (which doesn't happen often) though I recently joined a 'movement' over on FF.net: the Review Revolution.

"I, Kiminara, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

I have joined the Review Revolution. Post this same thing in your profile and spread the love!"

Doesn't guarantee a review for every story I read, but I do give a lot more reviews and favs than I used to. I think it was a good idea, whoever started it.

Just thought I'd share.