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Hello, there! ..and help, please.

I'm new to this site. I've been reading fanfics on here for maybe 2 weeks now, but my name is Breezy. Nice to meet all you fabulous people out there.

If you're truly reading this, I need help. How do I upload a story?? I tried doing so a little earlier, but it brought me directly back to the same page just with all the blanks not filled in. I had the story, characters, genre, etc filled in. It didn't upload.. What do I do? :(
I suggest doing it again. Mine uploaded just fine >>>> it's in the Recent Stories right now. But if not, I suggest C/Ping everything you did Just in case.
Hi welcome to our Humble Abode! hope you enjoy your stay and can't wait to see your fanfics!

I write American Dad fanfics here!

breezy somtimes it lags or your computer or laptop doesn't like the site a coupl of pointers...
have you verified your email?
got all of the red sections filled in?
have you done the math bit at the end right?

when i tried to upload my first story it took probs 12 attempts so dont worry it happens to the best of us o.-