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Is There Site Problems? Constant Error Message!!
It seems as though every other time I go to access a page, I get the following error message ~

"Slight problem here
Our host seems to be having some unanticipated downtime
Please forgive the inconvenience as we get this fixed...
--Your friendly admins"

Is there a problem with the site, and why is this problem constantly taking place? It does not matter what time of day, or what day it is, I still get this error and after awhile it gets frustrating.

Does anyone else experience this and what are the moderators of the site doing about this problem?

Thanks ~

Yes, that's pretty common. The admins are working on the CPU usage.
That is what I am gettin too but other then that it is fine but I still can't get to my stories either.
out of every 5 times I try to load part of the site, only 1 actually loads a page or a chapter of a story. Sometimes it's even worss. and it's been like this since I first found this site 7-8 years ago. it's never improved. every now and then I stop coming for a few months (this most recent time was almost 2 years) and it's worse then ever. This would be the last place I post my stories(and none of mine are here), if other similar sites didn't have story restrictions.