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story help
i have an idea or two that i am thinking aabout writing. but i am looking for some help. if anyone is into mcr fics would like to help me, this is my fifst time writing, that would be great. just let me know. thanks.
What kind of help? Beta'ing or outline help I can do, along with other things. Just contact me by e-mailing me or iming me. :D
(I love MCR!)
My Chem is great, I am writing a fic right now. if you need help with anything, you can IM me at peoplecallmeweird@yahoo.com or send me an email at loveneverwantedme@hotmail.com. I'll probably be able to help f you need it. Good luck! :) Rae
well i pretty much have most of the story outlined and kind of know where i want to go with it. but i just cant seem to write it like i want. because it becomes like too detailed or not enough and boring or what ever.
story help
i can definately help if needed..uhmm
you can contact me on yahoo at sammykins72291@yahoo.com
or my aim screen name is rocker4lifeSAM sooo yeah i would be glad to help an mcr story =]