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Two Days Later
But don't you understand? It's Two Days Later!

(I'm making fun of DC's One Year Later event, which interjected "One Year Later" into dialog a lot. It sounded even stupider than my sample above, because my sample is at least devoid of context. DC's implementation wound up with a lot of cases where it could have been far more believably said as "you've been missing for a year" instead of "it's One Year Later".)

I digress.

It's now Two Days Later (see?), and FicWad's uptime has improved. Insofar as I can tell, at least. I'm noticing an issue where the database server appears to have restarted (I think) twice, causing a few minutes of downtime each time. I'm not sure what's up with that, but I'm in touch with DreamHost support to track it down.

At this point I think it is safe to say that Things Are Getting Better.
Mhm, getting worse for me at the moment. Got a new (!) error message most of the evening. The site died after two clicks almost every time I tried.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will improve!
I had the same problem as Michelle tonight, and at the moment i'm unable to edit my stories without getting the error message.
Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon
I'm getting error messages too and am unable to edit my stories :P I hope this gets fixed soon!
hahah. on the plus side, i do like the little blade runner "reference" on the error page.
I'm getting a lot fewer error messages, so it seems improved.

(And the new error message is cool enough to forgive)
Seems to be better today!
It is definitely working better, but why did the random error message say "A moose bit my sister once"? Just a question.
I seem to be having an issue with ficwad. I want to post a chapter for one of my stories but it when I type it all in and hit submit, it'll only post the first 210 words. I've tried to repost it a few times but it keeps doing the same thing. I'm not sure if it's just my account or not. But I hope it works it self out soon. Just lettin ya know. But other than that the sites working much better!
horsie890: Not a Python fan? Check out the opening credits of Monty Python and the Holy grail and the reference might make a little sense...