Review for You Can Cry All You Want to...

You Can Cry All You Want to...

(#) kitkatpwl 2008-07-26

Woot woot!!!
What motherfucker?! What?!
Yes! I am Frank's girlfriend!! hahaha

Awesome update! I'm glad that Mikey gets to come home! I really think that he's going to be okay. I'm thinking that Gee and him need to have a sit down soon, and just let it all out. Gerard's his brother - he'll understand!

I don't think that Brook's gonna be okay though. I just...she seems more broken than Mikey, and as much as I want her to get better, because, frankly (hehe) I kinda love her, I just think that she's gonna mess up a couple of times.
I dunno...maybe I'm way off, and I hope I am, but I just don't see it being as easy for Brook as it is for Mikey!

Update pronto!!