Review for You Can Cry All You Want to...

You Can Cry All You Want to...

(#) kitkatpwl 2008-09-06

I liked this chapter, regardless of the length I thought it was pretty sincere and very adorable.

I liked the way that Mikey explained his feelings for Brook - it was an accurate depiction. Most guys aren't answering questions like that with spontaneous poetry or songs, so I appreciated that you kept that as real as possible.

I also liked that Gerard and Mikey are at least planning on talking now. Seriously alleviates some of my stress! hahah

Now, in terms of the "writers block", I totally hear you. I hope that you don't let that discontinue the story though - I would really love for this story to have the ending that it deserves and for you to be able to work through the block and complete the story. It's an important thing for a writer to be able to get past all the little road blocks that love to try to end our creativity. :)

This may sound retarded, but it's what I do when I find myself lacking inspiration, so maybe it'll help you too.
Try a little role playing with your characters. Put yourself into the scene and story and talk yourself through a potential scene - see what happens.
As I said, it works for me, so I thought, hell, maybe it'll work for someone else too, or maybe I should be in a padded cell. haha

I hope you find some inspiration and can finish up the story. I look forward to the next chapter!