Review for Read between the lines

Read between the lines

(#) Yekith 2010-03-25

Well, I was surprised to see I already had an account here. WTF, why? Dunno. xD

For some reason I NEVER know what to say the first time I comment to something, never, must be some kind of trauma I have. If I tried, it would be something very stupid and pointless like "this seems interesting" or "you caught my attention", etc. Which would be true, but no help to you. But since you know I'm against lurkers, of course I wanted to let you know I read it and will be reading!

Author's response

OMFG You're on this site too:D that's awsome! Althought I think the whole 'contact message' is all fucked up so I'm thinking to post this fic on TBP if I get a little more drabbled down. but cool, you're here as well you're everywhere:D