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Guardian Angel

(#) dropthedaggerlaura 2011-07-27

I'm dreadfully sorry Miss, I was very emotional at the time. You see, my parents were out buying me presents for my birthday when they were taken from me... That is the guilt that haunts me to this day, And yes i've heard all my fucking theripists say "of course it's not your fault". And the worst absolute moment in my life was when I was chatting about my birthday party details with my best friend when I got another call... The funeral was on my birthday. I'm sorry but on a brighter note I'd like to offer a piece of advice... I have written multiple books about death, and for some of the abuse scenes I have talked and question actual abuse victims, for I have never been abused myself. That way I can more accuratly describe the horror. I suggest you might do the same? Thank you for being so gracious towards me, and I appriaciate your work and kind words...

Oh and haha my manager says I'm not supposed to be on here so shhh! Ugh he's not fun at all.

Author's response

Oh dear.... Well thanks for the advice, and no problem.

He doesn't sound fun. Ha.