Review for Take That, Princess

Take That, Princess

(#) Felur 2011-10-12

I really don't like the canon pairing, it is my least favorable non-slash ship (I am HPLL fan). Nevertheless I don't really see the point of this fic. It is just the generic and pointless Ginny-bashing without any original idea. I have seen it thousand times. Maybe it is my problem, it is very annoying that nowadays 90% of the stories (and unfortunately 99% of those with HHr pairing) contain either Ron or Ginny (and Molly) bashing. You, authors can do better than repeat it every time in your stories!

Author's response

There really is no point to this. It was just something silly to write. You're right -- the amount of Weasley-hate has gone to the ridiculous extreme the last couple of years, but I blame JKR for not fleshing the characters out enough.

Sorry that it was a disappointment, but thanks for giving it a shot, anyway.