Review for Take That, Princess

Take That, Princess

(#) Cateagle 2011-10-12

::snicker:: So what are your bunnies and roo's ingesting to cause hilarious works like this? I'll grant you, it's a just recompense for the "potions princess" though. From the last couple lines, she and Seamus are clearly a very well-matched pair even if not really soulmates.

::Grin:: Why shouldn't Seamus take inspiration from "Hooters"? "Twin Peaks" and "The Tilted Kilt" most certainly have. I understand this is now reported as a completely separate dining/entertainment business, breastaurants.

Author's response

I wish I knew what they were taking. Believe me, there are days... grin.

Breastaurants? Really? Sounds like fun. I dunno, even with what little we know about Seamus, it just seemed like something he would do.

Glad you enjoyed it, my friend.