Review for Astray


(#) Kasan_Soulblade 2012-10-15

When I read this.. you can see Elena picturing herself as that child. Recalling with nostalgia her life pre Turk, the allusion of this is nicly supported by her nostalgia about Junion, he dislike of Midgar's climate. In that span we see her between two worlds, what she was and is. But when she puts it aside to help Tseng, that casual violence and her apathy towards it... It's in that absent motion that is more instinct than deliberation that we see where her loyalties truely lie. And it's given more freverently than any declairation by the sole act of walking away. There might have been some hesitance, see Tseng's comment for that idea, but in the end, what does she do? She folds to Tseng's order, squelching any and all need to reach out, reach back.

A wonderful peice about transitions, and the decisions we make to confirm or reject them.