Review for The Devil in the devil in me?

The Devil in the devil in me?

(#) OhmyGee 2012-11-25

This was awesome. emphasizing on the awesome part.

I laughed alllll the way though it because he can feel it in his balls.

I swear. I swear, I will respond to your latest email ASAP. Someone must have bombed my internet company because no. it ani't working.

Wait a minute. I have 3 bars! Hooray! Give me 10ish minutes because i'm slower than a cow.
coughs Wisconisn. coughs

Author's response

XD OHMYGEE. That's Satan for ya!

You have no idea how much you make me laugh. It's like, I'm pourin' rainbows here.

Yeah. THAT nuts. Heheheh. Nuts...