Review for Quiet, Now. They're Showing the Rapture!

Quiet, Now. They're Showing the Rapture!

(#) OhmyGee 2012-11-29

Hey, hey, hey, now, Mikey.

This chapter was not random crap. Dude, I feel like I should dedicate all of my stories to you!

Hwhehhehehehe Way. And "fuckwad".

Drunken Ray and Gerard and motherly Frank and Devil being well, the Devil.

Awesome as usual! Truly excited for next update!

And, yeah...maybe I should make Gee his own collection of stuffed animals...?

Author's response

Dwahhhhhhhh. You're so sweet!

I'm gonna make a "special" story just for you. Because I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

XD I'm soooooooo glad you picked up on that.

THAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU! And yesh. Yesh, you definately should make this happen. His own collection of stuffed animals = awesomely eerie!