Review for The Devil in the devil in me?

The Devil in the devil in me?

(#) upinflames 2012-12-01

*quietly imagining eyeballs sinking into frank's dad's head like the titanic*

*what the shit rose is quietly screaming "jack!" while the black hole of a pupil swallows him up and she takes up all the damn space on that door*

...your descriptions do odd things to my mind. i haven't been this wonked out since that one story where gerard turns into a cat and frank has second thoughts about being attracted to humans.

i totally just swallowed under-chewed doritos and it feels like my throat is being slowly cut up.

it's a sign. i think i have a crush on this story.

Author's response

Wow. Your comments do such odd things to me.

I feel totally fucked right now.

You read a story where G turns into a cat?

And I thought this story was messed up...