Review for The Devil in the devil in me?

The Devil in the devil in me?

(#) upinflames 2012-12-01

it's been known for me to ask for a bullet proof vest on holidays and birthdays. i've never worked up a nerve to actually tell them i'm actually scared i'm going to get shot where i live, so i'll just stare longingly into the military supply shop. those things are worth an arm and a leg.

while the short lines in this story allow my brain easy functioning on each thought, the actual intricate quality of each individual sentence has me almost stuck.

i'm suddenly really suspicious of you, dear writer. i'm going to be cautious.

(*i'm really sorry but if you have to squint real hard, you'll see that those are compliments. yeah, i really like this story.*)

Author's response

You can still get like, hurt from bulletproof vests. Is the venganza vest even bulletproof?

I just...your comments...I'm bad at socializing with actual people.

I very're a doll.