Review for Quiet, Now. They're Showing the Rapture!

Quiet, Now. They're Showing the Rapture!

(#) Mirazal 2012-12-28

You noticed that I haven't been here?
-hugs you- let me love you -loves you-
But yeah, I've been on vacation! I'm in New York. I have wifi right now, bc I'm in Starbucks.
So... Yeah... This was a great chapter! :D
Apricots kinda gross me out. Hmm.
Omg the hot chocolate is here, bye!
Oh yeah, update soon! :)

Author's response

Well, duh! You're like, my only reader. :D Plus, I've been missing your little cheerful notes all over the place! Dude, you make a big impact here!

NY?! Awesomesauce! I was just there like, two months ago. I looooooooooooove New York. It's so boss. I'm going to live there's only like...six hours from where I am. :P

Gotta love on Starbucks. :D

Thaaaaaaaaaaank you! Apricots...I have no fudging clue why I put that in there. Enjoi your hot chocolate...I think I'll make some now!