Review for Bye


(#) ItsMyVendetta 2013-04-21

Nobody reads my work and everyone ignores me, but I write here because it's a way to show my creativity, and show a side of myself that nobody else in reality knows about. Writing is special, and if you've done it for so long, why stop because you're not getting poxy reviews? It's not worth it. People write for themselves and not for anyone else. Don't stop. Please.

Author's response

Writing used to be something I did to express myself but when I started getting more into it people told me I should make a career out of it. If I want to be able to do that I'll need peoples approval and opinions on how I can improve my work. I can't do that if I'm ignored now can I? So I don't see the point in making a career out of something I'm clearly not good at.