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Quiet Pleasures

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What happens when Tara and Willow have an evening alone?

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"Quiet pleasures surround us tonight." Willow commented softly. Tara, who had been in the kitchen making popcorn, met her girlfriend in the living room, the bag of popcorn in her hand."Did you say s-something?" She asks softly, unable to help stuttering. Willow turned at the sound of Tara's voice. She smiled, and said, "I was commenting on how peaceful tonight is going to be for us." Tara nodded. Then she walked over to the couch, and took a seat. Tara poured the popcorn into the bowl which sat on the coffee table in front of them, as Willow stroked the fire.

Willow took a seat on the couch next to her girlfriend a few moments later. When Tara finished filling up the bowl, she felt Willow take her hand. Tara was a little nervous. Willow was only her second girlfriend, and it bothered her that she was Willow's first. With a soft sigh, as if she could read Tara's thoughts, Willow pulls her hand away, and turns on the movie 'Gone With the Wind.' Willow sat down a moment later. "I'd always had a crush on Scarlett. She seemed to strike my fancy, for some reason." Willow commented softly. Tara just nodded, barely listening.

When her girlfriend didn't reply, Willow smiled, knowing that Tara was already focused on the movie, she began to watch it too. Tara sighed, a few minutes later. She was having trouble concentrating on the movie, since her mind kept drifting back to her previous thoughts. Finally, several minutes later, Tara got up, and paused the movie, which concerned Willow. "Tara, are you alright?" Willow asked softly. Tara shook her head. "Willow, we need to talk." Willow nods. "Of course, after the movie. I just really like this part." Tara shook her head, and she got up.

"Willow, we really need to talk." She said, her voice even softer than usual. Willow sighed softly, and nodding, she said, "Okay, what do you want to talk about?" She asked, getting comfortable. Tara nodded as well, and she took a seat on the couch too. "I wanna talk about us. Now, I know I'm your first girlfriend, but I think you deserve to know, you are my second girlfriend. You see, I always knew I liked women, and when I saw you with Oz, well, it made me think that you still had feelings for him. Which made me think you loved him."

Tara's voice began to break a little. "It made me think you love men more than women, and it made me feel our relationship was nothing. You hurt me." She said softly, and several tears fell from her eyes. Willow got up, and pulls Tara close, hugging the other woman. Next, she pressed a kiss to Tara's lips, and she pulled away, saying "Tara, I love you. I still have left over feelings from when Oz left, but it's feelings of friendship." Willow said honestly. Tara stared at Willow. "What about Xander?" Willow didn't understand.

"What about Xander?" She asked, completely confused. Tara looked at her girlfriend. "Do you love him?" Willow nods. "Yes, I love Xander. I always have, always will. He's like a brother to me, and that is how I see him. We are just very good friends, and nothing more." Tara nods. "Okay, I'm sorry." She said softly. Willow hugs her girlfriend. "You don't have to be. I love you, and I want you to know, that I am not going anywhere." Tara nods again. "Thank you, for being patient with me." She said. Willow kissed Tara. "I love you, Tara. You just have to talk to me."

A little while later, the two women turned the movie back on, and as the movie progressed, both of the women began to feel tired, so leaving the movie running, Willow got up, and grabbed a blanket. When she came back downstairs, it was to find fast Tara asleep. With a small smile, Willow lay down on the couch with her girlfriend again, and covered Tara. Willow watched her girlfriend for a while, as she slept. Finally, she got up, and turned off the movie, afraid all the noise would end up waking Tara. Willow took the tape out, and put it away quickly, back in it's box.

Then, she crawled back onto the couch with Tara, who murmured softly, "I love you" in her sleep, and got comfortable. Willow kissed her sleeping girlfriend's lips, and then fixing the covers so that the both of them would be comfortable, she said softly, "I love you too, baby. You're my other half." Willow clapped softly, and the lights turned off. She fixed her pillow, and gave Tara more covers, as they got comfortable on the sofa bed. "Even though we fight, I know I can always count on you." Willow said softly, and then she fell asleep. Tara, who had woken up a little, said, "I love you too." Then she fell back asleep.

The End.
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