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Short Story For English Coursework

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I knew that he was depressed, miserable and angry...but I never knew he'd resort to this.

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Author's Note: I'd greatly appreciate it if I got a review or two telling me what they think of this as it is a piece of coursework that I've written for English and I'd like to know other people's opinions on it. Also, I wasn't sure what catagory to put this under or what rating to give it, so I hope that my un-sureness doesn't anger anyone.

There is only one thought running through my head as I crouch under the teacher's desk. I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die. Gunshots echo around me and I flinch, coiling back even more. I look to my right and shake as I see a blood-splattered face, eyes wide in horror, even though she's dead. It's the teacher.

It had started off as any normal day at any normal American school-homeroom, gym, science-but it ended as something I never thought I'd experience.

It happened in math, which was, personally, my least favourite subject. Especially since that day...

"Dude, calm down." I whispered, tugging on my friend's sleeve, urging him to sit back in his seat. He dragged his arm away from me and sent me a glare that I have never seen before. I had seen him angry, but never this livid. He had been depressed for an awful long time. Angry, miserable, melancholy. It wasn't his fault, he just didn't fit in, so he was singled out, ridiculed, pushed around, thrown about, spat upon, but no matter how depressed and dejected he was, I never thought he'd resort to what he did.

Fire was dancing in his eyes as he turned back to face the teacher who was scowling at him, placing a hand on her hip impatiently. "Darryl! Sit down, I'm serious!" I hissed, glancing around the room at the many pairs of eyes glued to him. Everyone in the whole class was staring at him (which I knew he never liked), either amused or intimidated by the anger flaring in his eyes and the way his fisted hands shook with pure fury.

The teacher, Mrs. Sparks, wasn't either of those, however. She was annoyed. She was growing increasingly irritated every time Darryl ignored her commands to sit down and every time he yelled and shouted across the room, profanities escaping his lips with every other word that he spoke. Students joined in with the argument, either because they found enjoyment in shouting or purely because they didn't like Darryl, for some reason or another. "Shut the hell up!" he snapped at at no one in particular. "You'll all regret this one day, y'know. You'll all be sorry. You'll be on your knees one day, begging me for mercy!" he growled. Laughter erupted in the class, along with more shouts, insults and whispers. The noise was possibly even greater than before and I winced, my eardrums ringing painfully, as people around me shrieked and bellowed at the top of their lungs.

I heard a bang, a scream and a thud and my eyes flicked open and I sat up in my seat. Scarlet fluid, that was undoubtedly blood, splattered on the previously clean wall at the front of the classroom and I panicked as I saw Mrs. Sparks lying on the floor, limply and lifelessly. More screams were heard and now the ringing in my ears was unbelievable as another gunshot reverberated around the room. I looked up at Darryl to see if he was injured at all and I was downright horrified to find that he was the one with the weapon. His eyes flicked down to me and back up to the students. "Can't go back now." He mumbled, pointing the gun at one of the jocks near the front of the classroom. He pulled the trigger and just like that...the jock was dead. If I hadn't been so horrified, so alarmed, so scared, I might have been able to identify the gun that was causing the deaths of my classmates, but it didn't matter to me at this time. Not much did at that moment.

Bang after band sounded throughout the classroom and my eyes shut tightly once again. I curled up on my seat and my eyes cracked open reluctantly to make sure that it was real. A friend of mine was knelt in front of me, tears pooling in his eyes before they flowed over. "Anthony." He whispered. "What's going on?"

"I-I don't know." I croaked. "But I'm scared."

"Me t-" BANG. My eyes shut tightly and I felt something warm and wet spray across me face. My hands shook and my eyes flickered open once more. I was frozen. Directly in front of me was half of a face of a boy that I had grown up with, blood soaking his uniform and dripping down what remained of his face. I raised a trembling hand to my own face, letting my fingers brush over one of my cheeks. I pulled my hand away and screamed as blood trickled down it and disappeared under my sleeve. My friend was dead. What was best friend killed him. I stood up, staggering a few steps before I collapsed onto my knees, holding my head in my hands as a cry of anguish escaped my mouth. I crawled passed the unmoving teacher and curled up under her desk, my knees drawn up to my chest as I hid my face in them.

I heard voices screaming, begging for mercy, as Darryl promised them they would. "Please, no...please!" another gunshot and...silence. A whimper passed my lips and the ringing in my ears couldn't have been louder.

So here I am, cowering under the wooden shelter, the room littered with corpses of innocent people. My breathing is becoming difficult and I shudder, my heart hammering against my chest painfully. Tears stream down my face as footsteps travel across the room, backwards and forwards. I hear a squelching noise and I wince, a shiver running down my spine. "Anthony." I hear my name being whispered and my eyes shut tightly, a tiny whimper escaping my lips.

The footsteps are nearing. I can hear them getting louder and louder, closer and closer until, "Anthony." He whispers again, kneeling in front of me. He's crawling under the desk and I coil back once more. He isn't my best friend. My best friend would have never done that. He's a...a monster. Cliche, I know, but there's nothing else I can really describe him as. I know that he's not fond of the popular kids, neither am I, but this...this was just way out of order.

He looks up at me, tears threatening to fall from his icy blue eyes. "It had to be done." He breathes, his body trembling, much like mine. "I'm so sorry, Anthony."

I swallow, nodding slightly in forgiveness, but I have a feeling deep down in my stomach that it isn't over yet. As he turns the gun over in his hands and glances up at me, I understand. I know what he's going to do. He has just killed everyone in the classroom...apart from two people. Us.

He shuffles closer to me and I lean towards him slightly. His chin rests on my shoulder as his left arm, the one that isn't holding the gun, wraps around my middle. I pat him on the back feebly, still quivering with fear. I feel something hard and cold press against the back of my head and I shut my eyes, my hands fisting Darryl's shirt, waiting. It seems to be taking him an awful long time. Perhaps he's prolonging it to mess with my emotions, or perhaps he doesn't really want to do it and is hesitating. Well, actually...I don't think it's either of those. I think it's just that everything seems to be in slow motion because I know that I'm about to die. The last seconds of my life are definitely the longest, but I just can't wait anymore. I don't have to.

My ears are ringing with the sound of gunshot once more, but this time it's gone in a split second. All noise is gone...all feeling is gone. There is nothing. Nothing at all. I can't see anything...I can't hear, feel or smell anything, but best of all...I can't think anything. My brain doesn't work. Either that or it isn't there. It's like I'm floating in nothingness and it is amazing. It's as if my previous world is gone completely and left in its place is this beautiful, empty bliss.
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