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Can You Hear Me Cry Out To You? [pt 2]

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When Gee babysits Elliot, its so spectacular a musical must ensue! XD

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"And this is where things start getting good," Gerard mumbled as he took another handful of popcorn.

He and I sat side-by-side on the floor while we watched Satine let Christian into her room, thinking he was the Duke. When Gerard had saw that we owned Moulin Rouge!, he was major excited. He and I had gotten into a large discussion of musicals. Turns out we were both in love with them. We both had very different takes.

While I loved bubby stuff like Singin' in the Rain. Gee was into the more bizarre like Rocky Horror Picture Show and Cabaret.

Both of us agreed though, "This is probably one of the best movies. I remember I went to go see this with my ex and all she wanted to do was...uh..." Gerard stumbled over his words.

I knew he was trying to censor himself. I hated that. I mean-c'mon we were watching a movie about a whore house! "Make out?" I asked sweetly. I saw a little bit of red come over his cheeks and I felt bad for making him feel awkward.

"Yeah, but I totally wasn't into it. Which is funny, because you know its usually the guy trying to get with the girl...But anyways I just wanted to watch the movie. So," he shrugged, eyes flicking back over the screen. "She broke up with me."

I was amazed. "Just because of that?!"

"Well no," he admitted, looking back over towards me and it made my pulse go twice as fast. I wondered in the back of mine if he could hear it. It was practically echoing in my ears! His lips were moving now with words and I excitedly snapped back to attention.

", lemme give you a bit of advice..."

He paused the movie and I felt a bit of my excited me drain into annoyance. He was trying to give me a lesson of the day like some little kid!

I listened anyway.

"Love-actual love, I mean. Isn't about all kissing and that 'Oh my darling!' kind of shi-I mean crap." I stared at him blankly, but he went on, "All that's nice and believe me it's fun. But it comes down to whether or not you were friends in the first place. 'Cause once all the physical attraction's gone. What the hell do you have left? Do you see what I'm saying?" he asked and I kinda did get was he was saying, but darn if I couldn't stop getting lost in the way his dark hair would sway over his face with every head gesture.

I nodded slowly, though kinda forgetting what I was agreeing to.

Whatever it was, he gave a satisfactory smile before hitting play again on the remote, eyes back over to the screen. Slowly I did too because I didn't want him to notice how bad I was oogling him.

My eyes kept checking his unchanging gorgeous figure while he just sat there. I practically jumped when he exclaimed, "Ooh! One of the best songs on here! Sorry its a guilty fact this whole movie is..." he explained while I recognized Christian, the writer, beginning to try to convince Satine, the courtesan, to fall in love with him. Not to mention on top of a giant elephant statue.

"Love is a many splendid thing. Love...lifts us up where we belong-all you need is love!" the bohemian cried happily.

"Please...don't start that again," Satine snapped back-not moved.

I mouthed her lines. I knew them by heart.

"All you need is love, " sang Christian and to my surprise, Gerard's voice that I'd heard from the night before blended in.

It was rougher than the lovestruck bohemian on the screen, but filled with fire. I spotted him from the corner of my eye while I hesitantly mumbled tunelessly with Satine,

"A girl has got eat."

I watched him spot me with his bright eyes, shrugging in character as he sang once again,

"All you need is love."

"She'll end up on the street!" I blurted back thoughtlessly.

Gerard's smile grew, obviously enjoying the game.

"All you need is loooooove..." he followed Christian's voice as he leaned over and fell on the floor.

My heart sped up at this playful side I was beginning to see. I didn't want it to end so I crossed my arms in a very Satine-like fashion and turned my head away while I whispered, "Love is just a game."

It was on.

In an instant Gerard leapt up over to my side, snapping his fingers. "I was made for lovin' you baby you were made for lovin' me." His voice put an odd spin on such a familiar song in a song. It breathed new, adventurous life into it-I loved it.

But as Satine, I stood up and began to walk out the door of the living room.

"The only way of loving me baby is to pay a lovely fee."

"Just one night! Just one night!" Gerard begged perfectly, beginning to stroll beside me now.

I felt weird, but went along with my next lines because I didn't want the game to end.

"There's no way, 'cause you can't pay."

"In the name of love! One night in the name of love!" I continued to walk, not phased ( or so my character wasn't).

"You crazy fool. I won't give into you."

"Don't," he said, grabbing my arm, "leave me this way-I can't survive without your sweet love. Oh, baby-don't leave me this way."

We were just singing along. We were JUST singing. I had to keep reminding myself because somehow a movie I'd seen over a million times before was becoming so foreign and new to me by the way he was singing it.

Maybe Gerard sensed this confusion in me from his addictively sweet voice as he broke the charade with a perfect smile. "Wow, Elle! You got a great voice on your hands!"

"You too," I quickly exclaimed back, feeling my face turn hot up to my ears.

He laughed at this a bit as he took a long tannish hand to his hair and brushed it from his face carelessly.

"Yeah, okay," he blew me off and I got the feeling he really didn't believe me.

"No really!" I told him honestly and he spun his back over from the screen to me.

He gave me a weird half grin and with a shrug he picked back up on the song.

"'Cause here I go agaaain." Suddenly he was up on the armrest of the chair, arms spread out above me. "Love lifts us up where we belong. Where eagles fly on a mountain high."

I couldn't keep myself from giggling and ruining Satine's line-

"Love makes us act like we are fools. Throw our lives away for one happy day."

"WE COULD BE HEROS...just for one day." interrupted Gee, stepping down from the couch, but those summery eyes just kept staring at me and making my insides melt to goo. But Satine wasn't nearly as convinced on screen. So I turned away.

"You. You will be mean."

"No, I won't." he laughed to my left side as I continued on into the kitchen. Elephant Love Medley was still blaring through the walls.

"And I..." I took a suspicious looking bottle of A1 off the counter,

"I'll drink all the time!" I convinced him, mimicking taking a long swig.

He shook his head and reached his arm over mine to put down 'the bottle.'

"We should be lovers!"

"We can't do that."

But he held onto the counter and leaned in over it singing, "We should be loooovers and that's a fact."

Okay I really couldn't hold in the grinning right now and even though it was just a song and all make-believe, something by the way he moved. That jazzy swagger with such bright eyes. I couldn't keep my own eyes off him.

"Though nothing will keep us together." Uh oh. Nicole Kidman (Satine) was hitting those singing notes that I couldn't hit in my little twelve-year old voice.

Gerard didn't seem to notice as he sang back, "We could steal time, just for one day."

Uh oh.

Here came the part where my petite, scratchy voice met with his practically perfect one.

"We could be heroes forever and eeever..."

Here it comes.

The hormonal crack in my voice that was going to ruin possibly the best moment in my life.

Sure enough in the second 'We could be heroes', my voice sounded like chipmunk.

A chipmunk who'd sucked in helium.

A chipmunk who'd sucked in helium and afterwards got kicked in its poor, tiny nuts.




And Gerard paused for a second with his gorgeous midnight hair. With his summer sea eyes. And bit his lip to hold back laughter.

I was planning an escape route.

I could bike it to India, couldn't I?

Then again there was the issue of the ocean...

Then suddenly he did possibly the best thing he could have in this situation.

He just kept on going.

In a minute he was on his knees and overdramatically belting out "JUST BECAUSE IIIIIIIIIIII EE IIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOOOOU!"

He looked completely ridiculous.

I loved it.

I was laughing so hard now in a mixture of relief and joy that even though it wasn't that funny, I was sliding down the counter holding my stomach.

Finally he broke character too and we both looked like a couple of morons with his head against the counter and me sprawled out on the kitchen floor.

The violins, the music stopped and almost as if on cue his phone buzzed across the table.

He picked it up and his smile was wiped clear off his face when he looked at it.

"Hold on,” he mumbled as he fled out of the room. But I was left there sitting against the cabinets, my cheeks still flushed from laughing, my eyes still water with tears of hysteria. And even though he was gone right now, I quietly sang out with Satine-

"How wonderful life is now you're in the world."

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