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some drama, more to come.

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A yellow cab pulled up in front of the house while Frank rung Kat. I walked up to greet her. "Hey Brook," I said, kissing her like she deserved to be kissed. "I've been waiting to do that for so long," I said in a low voice.

She just smiled. I loved that smile. I could not let it fade.

"So, how would you like to go to dinner?" I asked.

"Just us?" she asked brightly.

"Um, no, with Frank and Kat and Gerard and Jacey," I listed.

Worry replaced her smile. "That's a lot of people."

I turned my head sideways, "Yeah?"

"I just.. I get nervous, I hate meeting new people," she confessed, staring down at her feet. I cupped her face in my hands and lifted it.

"Everything will be okay. If you get really uncomfortable we'll leave okay?"

"Promise?" she asked, her eyes wide and shiny.

I nodded. Her smile returned. I took her hand and walked with her to the front steps where Frank still was sitting, and talking on the phone. "Okay...I love you too...Bye," he shut his phone. "So this is the famous Brooklyn."

She squeezed my hand tighter, and blushed. "I guess,"

He laughed, "I'm Frank." They shook hands, and I saw Frank take notice of her arms. He didn't say anything though thank God. He looked at me. "Phone your brother," he demanded.

"Alright alright, jeeze," I pulled my sidekick out of my pocket. I dialed and waited for an answer, "Hello??"

I took a deep breath before starting. "Hey Gerard,"

"Mikes? Why are you calling?"

"Well...I wanted to apologize for what I said." Lie," I was just so mad–"

"Forget it," he replied. Phew. "What's up?"

"How would you like do dinner tonight? Bring Jacey?"

"Yeah, sure,"

I rattled off the name of some restaurant Frank mentioned before, and asked him to be there at whatever time he felt like eating.

I hung up the phone, "There, you happy?" I asked Frank.

"Yup," he said, smiling.

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket.

Text Message from Frank: Question.

Dude this is so highschool...although we didn't have cellphones back then -_-



What's up with Brook's arms?

I rolled my eyes. I looked over at her, she looked bored. "Let's do something," I suggested.

She laughed, "Like what? This is Jersey,"

Frank giggled.

"I dunno, a drive, or anything, I forgot how boring my house is."

"Let's go pick up Kat!" Frank suggested, jumping up. He jogged to his car.


She was about to follow him, but stopped. "Hmm?"

I wasn't sure why I stopped her. I couldn't think of a reason. It was probably just to look at her for that extra minute, "Nothing," I mumbled.

I opened the front door for her, then I climbed in the back. I pulled out my phone to reply to Frank's message. What do you think?


We arrived at the restaurant, and Jacey and Gerard we already there waiting. Brooklyn stayed very close to me, and I liked the fact that I could be comforting to her. She rarely let go of my hand.

Everyone introduced themselves to her, and they all seemed cautious about what they said, which gave the evening an awkward vibe. Painfully awkward.

It was about eight o'clock when we finished eating. Brooklyn had to be back at ten, so I wanted to spend time with just her. "Brook, you wanna just hang out at my house till ten?"

She smiled and nodded.

"I'll be right back, then we'll get Frankie to drop us off." I said, going to pay the bill. Everyone else was outside smoking. I walked back over to Brooklyn and we started toward the door. I had it about half-way open, when I heard them talking about me.

"Gerard, he looks the happiest than we've seen him in a long time, leave him alone," Kat said.

"Yeah, Jesus Gerard, she's nice, what's the big deal." Frank defended.

"The big deal? They met in rehab for Christ's sake. Promising." I scoffed.

I couldn't take it anymore, "Why are you such an asshole?" I asked, walking outside.

He looked stunned, speechless.

Jacey spoke for him, "He's just worried, Mikey, that's all,"

"What! Worried that I might actually be happy?!"

Frank walked up to me, "Come on Mikey, lets just go okay?"

I grabbed Brooklyn's hand and we walked toward his car. He couldn't even say anything, he knew it was true.

"Ladies, I just have to talk to Mikey, privately. It will just be a minute," Frank said, opening the doors for them. They climbed inside.

He turned toward me, "I'm really sorry that you had to hear that."

I shrugged. "I knew he was like that. He is my brother."

"You're...not thinking of..." he trailed off.

I looked at him sideways, "What?"

"Leaving the band again?" he asked.

I sighed, "I don't know Frank, I'm going to get through this first. Then we'll see,"

"I'm glad you're happy now Mikey, I can tell you are,"

"Me too, now we just have to get Gerard used to the idea."

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